The War On Police Is Real

Editor’s note: Dr. Ron Martinelli renowned forensic criminologist has recently undertaken the task of examining the recent deaths and shootings of Law Enforcement officers in America and what they mean in general to our society as whole. He graciously shared his thoughts with you here and as a career Law enforcement Officer I can find no fault in his logic. We must take steps now as suggested to combat the problem before much more radical and less acceptable means become the only available avenue to restore a society of rule and law.

The War On Police Is Real By Dr. Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V

In less than two weeks, America has seen nine of its law enforcement officers assassinated and over two score seriously injured on its blood streets. All of the fallen officers were murdered in cowardly fashion without any real opportunity to defend themselves. Continue reading “The War On Police Is Real”

A Paradigm Shift in Community Policing from Policing to Self-Protection

When I began my career as a police officer in 1975, the turmoil and civil strife of the Viet Nam war era where police often clashed with protestors had subsided. The anti-police violence of militant, radical revolutionary groups such as the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground had greatly diminished as their leaders were killed in police shoot-outs or imprisoned. Continue reading “A Paradigm Shift in Community Policing from Policing to Self-Protection”

CNN Don Lemon “I neither support nor don’t support. I simply report”? Not all apparently

Don Lemon And Sheriff David Clarke had a heated exchange on Police Shootings in which Sheriff Clarke was exposing media and BLM for violence against Police. CNN denied it but was it true?

There was a heated exchange between Sheriff David Clarke and CNN Don Lemon on air where Sheriff Clarke stated he had been predicting the violence we now see between protesters and Police for two years. Continue reading “CNN Don Lemon “I neither support nor don’t support. I simply report”? Not all apparently”

Fargo, N.D. Video released – incident revisited – lesson learned

It is far more than social media attacking an officer for shooting a man with a bb gun, it was the intent of the man who held it.

Fargo, ND – In the early hours of Sept. 28, a man in a parking lot was pointing a BB gun at a Fargo police officer. Yelling at the top of his lungs, the officer repeatedly ordered the man to drop the weapon, to no avail.  Continue reading “Fargo, N.D. Video released – incident revisited – lesson learned”

Bexar County, TX. Sheriff’s Office Off duty deputy saved woman and baby

Thanks to the bravery of an off-duty deputy, a woman and baby are safe this morning.

The woman was holding on to trees and branches – and her baby – after her vehicle was swept away by high water in the 7800 block of Cagnon Road. The woman and baby were transported to a local hospital and are okay. Continue reading “Bexar County, TX. Sheriff’s Office Off duty deputy saved woman and baby”

Orange County, CA. Sheriff’s Department man attempted suicide by cop (Video – Photos)

On April 27, at 6:30 P.M. Deputies responded to a suicidal man with a gun in the garage of his home on Paseo Castile in San Juan Capistrano. Deputies Leith Chacon, Juan Lopez and Anthony Franco responded to the call. Video recently released shows the restraint Deputies used that resulted in the successful conclusion of the event.

Deputies attempted to contact the distraught person by phone, but the man did not want to talk.  Continue reading “Orange County, CA. Sheriff’s Department man attempted suicide by cop (Video – Photos)”

Newton, KS. Officer accused of Brutality on Homeless Citizen cleared by Dash camera

The Newton Police Department was made aware of a complaint that an Officer had abused a citizen through social media. The Department took quick action and did a complete investigation exonerating the Officer of any wrongdoing.

The entire matter was brought forth on Facebook excluding the names of the persons involved, which was proper since no one was guilty of anything. Bring up names serves only to negatively taint people when rumors have started and leave negative feelings regarding them.  Continue reading “Newton, KS. Officer accused of Brutality on Homeless Citizen cleared by Dash camera”

North Myrtle Beach, S.C., Officers use great restraint amid gunfire, arrest 3 bank robbery suspects

A bank robbery occurred at South State Bank, located at 606 Main Street, Wednesday, around 11 a.m. Officers from multiple agencies searched for three suspects for about 9 hours after they fled the bank in a car heading south on US 17.

Upon entering the bank, the three men brandished their firearms and fied them inside the Bank building. No injuries were reported. After leaving with cash inside bags the trio left the bank but a bank bag exploded with dye inside it and was discarded outside the bank. Officers arrived on the scene and began chasing suspects immediately on US 17.

Suspects fired shots at the officers during the pursuit, but officers did not return fire. Other agencies were called in to assist with the search for the robbers in the woods.

Prosecuting attorney Scott Hickson said the terror that unfolded around the incident Wednesday and the suspects’ behavior “indicated extreme indifference to human life and posed a danger to our community.”

The three suspects fires weapons into vehicles, homes and at officers without regard to anyone in their path.

“When I looked at the gun, it was directly at me,” Melvin Fields, who lives in Barefoot Resort, told WMBF.

Fields said he thinks the bullets went straight through the inside of his car because his windows were rolled down. None of the bullets hit his car or him.

“They were shooting at people randomly to get away. Anything they could stop,” he said. “There was a car directly in front of me after I got to that intersection that already had its tires shot and had been shot at.”

“It was a little scary, but thankfully nobody was hurt,” Brian Mahlert said at his home on Grovecrest Circle where a round shattered a window above his back door.

Brian Mahlert’s window shattered from a bullet (Photo Credit: Jason Lee jlee@thesunnews)

Suspects also fired shots at North Myrtle Beach police Lt. Tommy Dennis’ patrol vehicle as he attempted to deploy stop sticks.

Riverside Elementary, located at 1283 Hwy 57 S, was on lock down for a short period, according to school principal Vicki Underwood, as police searched for the robbers.

Pressley was captured about 1:30 p.m. in the wooded area of Long Bay Road and Kerchies Road. Hardiman was found in an abandoned residence in the vicinity about 6:30 p.m. Berklery was apprehended in the woods just south of Long Bay Road and west of Watertower Road about 9 p.m.

Officers remained at the Bank to secure and process the scene

“It was just nice seeing everyone being so resilient and having such a strong spirit,” a customer, Jennifer Feeney, said. “It was like having church,” she said of being inside the bank. “Everyone is just rejoicing, and thankful just for the officers.”

Each suspect is charged with criminal conspiracy, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, pointing or presenting a firearm, two counts of assault and battery in the first degree, kidnapping, wearing a mask to conceal their identity, bank robbery, discharging a firearm into a building, discharging a firearm into a vehicle, failure to stop for a blue light and two counts of attempted murder.

Pressley also faces a charge of possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

Berklery questioned the kidnapping charge and asked the judge if it wasn’t a natural reaction to run from police who are chasing you, adding that he was hypothetically speaking.

“I don’t know if it’s natural or not, but it’s not natural to me,” said Judge Blake Martin. He added that anyone being pursued should always stop and comply with police and work out the questions of fairness regarding that stop in court.

All there suspects were held without bail.


North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety made three posts on their Facebook page: the first being:


Thank you to our dedicated and hard working DPS personnel working today and those who who were called in from their off duty time to assist.

Thank you to our Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, Communications and Support Services Divisions for showing how teamwork can get the job done.

Thank you to Horry County Police, Sheriff, Fire Rescue, E-911 as well as Myrtle Beach Police, SLED, SCHP, SCDNR, local FBI agents, DEU agents and other personnel/agencies who stepped up to assist today.

Thank you to the citizens of North Myrtle Beach and those who reside in the areas affected between Water Tower Rd and Hwy 90 for the patience and understanding as they were blocked from access to many local roads during today’s events.

Tonight we are most Thankful that all Suspects were taken into custody without any injuries resulting to Public Safety Personnel, Civilians, or the Suspects themselves.

It has been a long day but we can all rest easier tonight thanks to all those who played a part today.

So again, THANK YOU………


The second post that the Department made was ragarding their Officers stating:

Our friends at South State Bank brought us pizza today to say thanks for a job well done yesterday! Thanks South State Bank, we appreciated lunch so much.


Lastly a message to the piblic as well as to other officers regarindg the dangers of the work performed.

We appreciate all the words of encouragement and support from those who follow our Department’s page here.
The two pictures below provide a clear example of the dangers of our profession as well as the payoff of utilizing the proper training and discipline even in the most stressful and intense of situations.
Our Officers demonstrated professionalism to the highest degree and because of that they were able to go home to their families unharmed at the end of their extended work day yesterday.



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Gwinnett County police officer is recovering after a wanted fugitive attacked him with an ASP baton

An escaped felon who just committed a burglary attacked a Gwinnett County police officer in an attempt to escape. The officer was beaten severely still was able to complete the arrest.

Early Wednesday morning, Officer Jordan Wenslow spotted suspect David Gill, 25, walking down Winder Highway, carrying a duffel bag. Investigators said Wenslow tried to contact Gill, but when the suspect saw the patrol car, he ran away. The officer notified dispatchers and a foot chase followed.  Continue reading “Gwinnett County police officer is recovering after a wanted fugitive attacked him with an ASP baton”

Gloucester City, NJ Man throws Molotov cocktail at police car

From the “you can’t make this stuff” up files. Let’s be careful out there.

The  Gloucester City Police Department Posted the following on their Facebook page:  Continue reading “Gloucester City, NJ Man throws Molotov cocktail at police car”