Political rallies continue to escalate violence toward police

We have seen protesters go from demonstrating to blocking ambulances to assaulting officers and now even their horses. Where will it stop? Media blames the wrong people.

During a Trump Rally protest on March 12, a woman slapped a Police Horse then fled into the crowd. (Video)  Continue reading “Political rallies continue to escalate violence toward police”

Police Officer Deon Joseph L.A.P.D. of 20 years has a message for Officers and citizens SHARE

On December 4, 2015 L.A.P.D. Police Officer Deon Joseph discusses how things have changed in 20 years he has spent on the Police Force and has a special message to the people he went to the academy with.

His message is very important to every Police Officer now serving as well. He states more eloquently than I the important tools of the trade of Police work and this is a must see, must share video.

Congratulations to Officer Deon Joseph on 20 years of service though we hope you don’t retire too soon, great Officers with your wisdom are hard to find and take a career to train!

Stay safe!