Gaining Restricted Access (LEO Only)

All verified Law Enforcement Officers active and retired are welcome here.  The entire purpose of this site is to engage LEO’s in more effective ways to work with the communities that they serve. In the past few decades there have been many changes in the way that LEO’s interact with the community and are trained to do so. Here, former trainers, retired and active officers can meet, discuss current problems and learn to apply methods that have been successful in the resolution or avoidance of problems all together.

Your identity here is secure. However, verification of your status must be completed if you are to partake in these restricted only sections. It is the only way that other members can talk openly regarding tactics, ideas and strategies.

To verify you status please send an e-mail with your credentials to the for a password.

Many changes have happened across the nation but the more things change the more they stay the same. No matter of you are from Florida, New York, Oregon, Texas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, A State Trooper, A Deputy, A town, Village or City Officer somebody has already traveled the roads you are on. They have walked the beat you are pounding and they have been on the job.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel or learn hard lessons all on your own. If you are retired, you are encouraged to get back in the game here where your brothers and sisters need your experience and first hand knowledge to make the Thin Blue Line a little wider. I have been to too many funerals haven’t you?

EVERYTHING is kept private and confidential.

2 thoughts on “Gaining Restricted Access (LEO Only)”

  1. Funny you want to rebuild the relationship between leo and community yet you want to have a restricted access site that your I’d has to be verified. Before you think my criticism come from a occupy something member I am:ex street officer,ex deputy,ex chief of two agencies.Keep your elitism; I want no part of it.Remember before you were leo you were a citizen, after you leave you.will be again. Jim Scott glock Jim @yahoo

    1. Hey Jim, your cynicism and statement reeks of nonsense. If you don’t know that there is information that is better off kept confidential just so that Officers can keep it between themselves then I think you weren’t there very long. There is a reason that there is a high divorce rate, suicide rate etc and that the general public really don’t want to even associate with cops to begin with. Your attitude helps a lot.
      If you came here for the restricted stuff only .. please by all means .. go elsewhere. I havent put much of anything there and what I had planned wont be of use to you anyway. Your retired, it is of no value to you anymore.

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