Radford, Va. Police Department loses K-9 looks to public to support them for replacement

The Radford, VA. City Police Department recently had to retire their K-9 named “Robbie” who suffered a medical emergency. The K-9 has been in service with the Department for seven years, but recently suffered an unexpected stroke and renal failure.  Continue reading “Radford, Va. Police Department loses K-9 looks to public to support them for replacement”

Madison, Wi. Police Department under siege by council

The City Council can’t imagine why the Chief of Police is so defensive over his Department, yet while he or his officers have done nothing wrong, the City Council acts as if and treats him as though they are contemptable.

Apparently there is a big problem with the Madison, Wisconsin Police Department that nobody wants to admit exists. The problem is that City Officials who have no money for programs for citizens, to fund city essentials, to help rid the city of crime, to ensure public safety do in fact have $400,000.00 to study if the Police Force is ‘bias’.  Continue reading “Madison, Wi. Police Department under siege by council”

San Jose Police Department Investigating attacks of protesters that occurred during Trump rally

Chief declares “I realize there is frustration, but we are not done. The violence will not be tolerated.”

Police Officers of the San Jose Police Department continue to work on complaints and seek the public’s help in identifying attackers during the public event of the Trump Rally.  Continue reading “San Jose Police Department Investigating attacks of protesters that occurred during Trump rally”

Columbia S.C. P.D. Officer Pete Conklin Needs Assistance

Police Officer Pete Conklin was injured by a vehicle that struck him as he was assisting a motorist.

Columbia, S.C. Police Officer Pete Conklin is recovering from serious injuries in an intensive care unit after being injured in a collision on Interstate 126 late Tuesday afternoon.  Continue reading “Columbia S.C. P.D. Officer Pete Conklin Needs Assistance”

Rocky Mount, VA Police Get a K-9 nobody wanted “A diamond in the ‘RUFFFF’”

K-9 Rousey is a German Shepherd who was abandoned. She was a Stray “missing hair and all skin and bones. But you had that sparkle in your eyes. We worked with you for months you just wanted to be loved and please us. “ According to Carol Skaziak who is one of the founders of Throw Away Dogs the Not for profit organization.

The Organizations goal is to rescue high driven dogs, train them and then donate them to K-9 Departments around the region that cannot afford one.

A department in Winchester began looking at Rousey about a year ago but she didn’t fit their particular needs as they wanted a dual purpose K-9 and she didn’t fit their training. Officer Chris Shelton, Rousey’s partner and handler said. “She couldn’t meet their needs and didn’t have the skills to do the patrol work they needed her to do at that time.”

K9 Rousey left Winchester Virginia (as she did not pass as a dual purpose K-9) and now was matched up with Officer Chris Shelton in the Rocky Mount Police Department as a single purpose Narcotics detection dog.

Rousey and Shelton started basic K-9 school through the Roanoke Police Department on Feb. 8, and on April 11, Rousey was certified for narcotics detection and tracking. She is trained to search cars, buildings, schools and other operational areas. She is also trained to track missing persons. “If an elderly person or a child goes missing, Rousey is trained to track them and find them,” Shelton said.

“She’s definitely home,” Skaziak said


Palo Alto, CA. Police shout-out to Jacob, ask Officers to help and share

The Palo Alto Police Department Sent out the following message on their Facebook Page along with a request. It read as Follows:

Please join us in giving a big Silicon Valley shout-out to Jacob, a 25-year-old resident of Mississippi with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He is a huge law enforcement supporter.

Jacob’s dad is a police sergeant in Mississippi, and Jacob has taken an interest in collecting law enforcement shoulder patches as a result. Jacob gets excited every day when the mail is delivered because he is hoping to have received more patches.

Well, Jacob’s mom reached out to us and asked if we would send a patch to him. We were more than happy to oblige, and sent him a whole care package of PAPD stuff, much of which he has on display here (note the PAPD Traffic Unit cap!).

Jacob, thanks for supporting law enforcement everywhere. We appreciate it very much. Keep fighting the good fight and know that we’ve got your back the next time you’re in Palo Alto.

For other police agencies interested in helping Jacob out with his patch collection, please send us an e-mail at pd@cityofpaloalto.org and we’d be happy to share his contact information with you.

Palo Alto Police Department


Conroe Police Department, Texas Again proves you never know what you will find on a call

Officers of the Conroe Police Department, Texas had a su-purring-ising day and proved once again you never know what the next call will be.

Much like an earlier story from today titled “St. Charles Parish, LA. Sheriff’s Office never a dull moment” Officers from The Conroe Tx. Police Department made a find that they were not quite expecting. They posted the following to their Facebook page to try to get some help from the public:  Continue reading “Conroe Police Department, Texas Again proves you never know what you will find on a call”

Officer shootings on the rise who is to blame? Media, politicians and a vocal minority.

Recently the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) made headlines when it delivered its CRITICAL ISSUES IN POLICING SERIES Use of Force: Taking Policing to a Higher Standard on January 29, 2016 titled 30 Guiding Principles.

Due to the violence perpetrated by protesters and activists who have chanted “pigs in a blanket fry ‘em like bacon” followed by politicians along with media who support them there have been calls for changes in the way that Police work. These changes are not in the best interest of society or the safety of officers but to placate the vocal minority of people who have become so violent due to a falsehood that has been reverberated through the media.  Continue reading “Officer shootings on the rise who is to blame? Media, politicians and a vocal minority.”

UPDATE: Clarksdale, Ms. Officer Cpl. Derrick Couch improving – but needs help

A status update by the Mayor of Clarksdale, Ms. on Cpl. Derrick Couch was given today. Thankfully the officer has been taken from the intensive care unit and moved into another portion of the facility.

Officer Couch who was shot in the face on Feb. 13, when he responded to an armed robbery call has slowly but surely improved. His condition which was originally listed as grave as the officer struggled for his life has improved dramatically.  Continue reading “UPDATE: Clarksdale, Ms. Officer Cpl. Derrick Couch improving – but needs help”

Fort Worth Police Department – Update on Officer Pearce

Forth Worth Police Department has issued the following statement on Officer Pearce who was shot by fugitives.

Continue reading “Fort Worth Police Department – Update on Officer Pearce”