Pickens County, Ga. Hispanic man claims Deputies racially profiled him for arrest, dash camera footage says different

December 27, 2015 Pickens, County, Ga. A Hispanic man from Fulton County Ga. reported that Deputies from Pickens County racially profiled him and his brothers for arrest back in November of 2014. The Sheriff’s Department has investigated the incident and finally released the dash cam video of the incident which disputes the mans claim.

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NYSP Trooper gives a kid a break and new found respect is appreciated

On December 14 at 2:30am · Delvon Bullock Wrote on his facebook wall about his encounter with a NYS Trooper. It was remarkable to him because he was a black male being pulled over by a white Trooper and he believed everything he had seen in the media. We were not surprised, yet it is great that he posted what he did and well worth the share. His words are pure gold.

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A Message From The Good Guys!

NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association published the following video to their Youtube account:

We have nothing to add except hundreds of thousands of Police officers are wounded and disabled beyond the numbers that have been posted by the producers of the video. These numbers have never been counted and those officers are forgotten.

Offer a prayer or a moment of thanks for them and their service if you would because you will never hear about them.

Pequannock, N.J. Officer falsely accused of Pointing weapon at violator after giving her a break!

October 15, 2015 Pequannock, N.J. Officer Daniel Caffrey a 12 year veteran of the Pequannock Police Department made a routine traffic stop of a 50 year old woman named Hyacinth Peccoo for passing a stop sign at Lincoln Park Road and Oak Avenue. Although the Officer gave Peccoo a break and gave her a lesser summons for failing to change the address on her driver’s license, which resulted in a $29 ticket without any points instead of the failure to stop at a stop sign which would have been an $85 ticket with two points on her license. However no good deed goes unpunished.

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A word from the wise taken from Steven Hildreth, Jr. Tucson Police Department, Tucson, Az.

Tucson, Az.

On October 27, 2015 Steven Hildreth, Jr. made a journal entry on his facebook account regarding something that happened to him during his day. Steven is a a Member of our Nations National Guard. He is also a Black Male that was wearing a “hoodie” and was carrying a concealed weapon and was stopped for a traffic violation by white officers from the Tuscon Police Department.

By all accounts that we read daily something very bad should have happened to Steven. Without adding to or deleting from his account we present it here for your reading with just a few thoughts of our own. What you look for you normally find. If people approached Officers as human beings and treated them as people instead of the enemy. Gave them a chance instead of judging them based upon their color (Blue), perhaps many of these encounters would go much better.

With that thought, this is what Steven Hildreth, Jr. Posted to his Facebook Account:

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Something we already knew ..

October 25 2015 An Article appeared in the Washington Times that brings to the forefront a false narrative in a way that is negative in itself.

The article titled “Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage” sub heading “Analysis contradicts widespread views about racial targets” may bring about valid analysis and cold hard facts but still misses the mark.

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CLEVELAND, Ohio Officers try to save man after he shoots Officer

October 7, 2105 long awaited video was released by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty exonerating Officers from the Cleveland Police Department from an incident that occurred on March 11, 2015. Officers responded to a residential call of a 64 year old man named Theodore Johnson who was threatening to shoot his wife and landlord. Upon the arrival of Officers the first officer going up the Apartment stairs David Muniz was shot in the chest by Johnson.

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Some teachers need to learn ….

College Professor of diversity and the negative impact of racial profiling learns the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

Credit: Capital Community CollegeMinati Roychoudhuri

Some will take any opportunity to further the cause they believe is right to an extent that is counterproductive. While there is no denying that there are real problems that exist in society many people are so caught up in the emotional portion of the problems that they lose focus of what is real and what is perceived.

It is with these people that one of the major problems exists. Not content to deal with the existing problems we face and working toward solutions they literally create problems that never existed for their own gain. Attempting to cry racism and injure others when the event they claimed happened never existed.

It becomes even more serious if the accuser has any credentials at all and uses them in furtherance of perpetuating the false narrative. Let’s take a college level adjunct instructor who teaches “diversity and the negative impact of racial profiling” for instance. Who states that she has now “become a target of the same insidious behavior! It is easy to connect the dots with the nationwide racial profiling which has led to serious consequences.”

Let us say that this same professor demands that an Officer be reprimanded for giving her a ticket Issued her on May 9, 2015 simply because he was racially profiling her. Not that she had done anything wrong, so she wants the ticket dropped and the Officer to suffer permanent professional and personal damage.

Being a professor she would know all the right people to contact and goes straight to the commissioner of public safety who certainly would not want a ‘racial scandal’ plaguing his department under his command.

Let’s say her letter went something like this in part:

“The policeman asked me if I could speak English and if I knew why he had stopped me. I said, “yes” to speaking English and “no” to why he had stopped me. He then asked me for my driver’s license and registration. He returned with an envelope and said that I could simply mail in the infraction.

The officer did not give me any reason as to why had stopped me. His asking if I could speak English shows that he had racially profiled me and was not able to give me a concrete reason for stopping me. Further, the officer had checked “Hispanic” in the race category in the infraction ticket. I am a Professor in English at Capital Community College, I teach about diversity and the negative impact of racial profiling, I have now become a target of the same insidious behavior! It is easy to connect the dots with the nationwide racial profiling which has led to serious consequences. I request that my infraction charges be dropped and action be taken against the officer. I have talked with the Senator and Legislator of my constituency regarding this matter and I am sending a copy of this letter to them as well.”

So while maintaining and overseeing twelve (12) troops or barracks across the state along with eighteen (18) divisions, ten (10) bureaus of Criminal Investigations, Three (3) Major Crime Squads, and Four (4) other specialized units the Commissioner must take this citizens complain seriously. The trooper will be under a magnifying glass taking away valuable man hours to solve crimes, protect the citizens of the State and trying to create a better atmosphere between the Citizens and Police.

The chain of command moves quickly in these matters but is a very thick and heavy one, from Commissioner to Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Master Sergeant, Sergeant to the Trooper.

Each office being informed by subordinate offices and kept in the chain of command, generating information to send back up the line, as a Criminal Investigator is taken from other duties to thoroughly investigate this very serious matter. This is how the process works in every major case and all cases involving Officer Misconduct are treated as serious by professional agencies. It takes time, but the results must be thorough.

So what happens as an end result of this investigation and so many man hours and resources have been put forth into the case? Lets see shall we.

Professor Minati Roychoudhuri of Capital Community College Ct. was pulled over for an unsafe lane change and issues a summons for the infraction.

She writes a letter to the commissioner stating that she was racially profiled, stating that the officer asked her if she spoke English and never explained what the summons was for. In her opinion, which was to be counted as very knowledgeable citing her credentials as a professor in such things as racial profiling she was a victim now and wanted action taken against the Trooper.

The investigation commenced and unbeknownst to her the entire event had been recorded through a dash cam system installed by the State Police in the Troopers Patrol car.

Not only did the Trooper never question her ability to speak English as she had charged, but he fully explained why he pulled her over and why he issued her a summons contrary to her accusations. Lastly she acknowledged to the Trooper that she had in fact committed the violation for which he had issued the summons.

Capital Community College’s professor Minati Roychoudhuri of English, diversity and the negative impact of racial profiling turned herself in on July 28, 2015 after a Warrant For her Arrest was issued for filing a false statement regarding her complaint.

Sadly we have this ‘professor’ teaching in a college to impressionable young adults who believe her because she is supposed to know what she is talking about and the college employs her.

Also it is of note that although the original incident occurred on May 9, 2015 the investigation was not completed until July 28, 2015 and this has yet to be received through the process of the courts which could take quite some time.

Another incident where a Police officer was falsely accused of some ‘racial’ incident, yet media attention or ‘grassroots’ action is scant on the subject. No protests, no denial of services, no looting or rioting, just another day on Patrol.

We must learn that not all complains are valid, nor are they all false. But either way we must not allow ourselves to become so caught up emotionally in these matters that we forget to examine the evidence and rush to judgment.

Most of all we cannot support people who make matters worse by driving wedges between our Communities and the Police who protect and Serve them.