Arizona Trooper ambushed working car wreck, Good Samaritan shot and killed suspect

An Arizona State Police Officer was helping an injured woman at the scene of a vehicle accident when he was ambushed and shot. A passerby interceded and shot the Troopers attacker saving his life.

Tonopah, Az. A 27 year veteran of the Arizona State Department of Public Safety was ambushed while investigating a one vehicle rollover accident on Interstate 10. One person had been injured after being ejected from the crash in the accident and the Trooper was rendering assistance when an unknown male had stopped and started fighting with the State Trooper.

The trooper had been shot in the shoulder, chest area and fought the Trooper to the ground. A passerby stopped and ordered the Troopers assailant to stop assaulting the Trooper but the man refused to end his attack on the trooper. The Samaritan shot the troopers assailant to end the attack.

Reports conflict where he had obtained the weapon from, some stating that he had it on his persons already others stating that he had obtained it from the Troopers vehicle.

A third passer bye stopped and called on the Trooper’s radio for assistance explaining what had transpired in detail.

The Trooper is expected to survive and was airlifted from the scene to Abrazo West Campus in Goodyear.

The woman who had been ejected from her vehicle at the crash scene had died from her injuries.

It is unknown why the Trooper had been attacked in the first place, no motive was known.

The Trooper has not been identified at this time.

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