Oregon State Police Officer critically wounded, suspect dead after homicide of another victim

Police responded to shots fired. A female was discovered dead, a suspect was identified and engaged officers in a vehicle pursuit. The suspect shot a 7 year veteran of the Oregon State Police. The suspect was killed in an exchange of gunfire with Officers.

An Oregon State Police trooper has suffered life-threatening injuries after a shootout Sunday near Sherwood leaving two others dead, including the suspect, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.

King City police officers responded at 10:15 p.m. to 11950 S.W. King James Place on reports of shots fired. They found a dead woman and later identified the homicide suspect as James Tylka, 30, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. David Thompson said in a news release.

The official news release read as follows:

Late Last night, an Oregon State Police trooper was shot after pursuing a homicide suspect south of Sherwood. The suspect was shot and killed during the incident. The trooper is currently being treated at a Portland area hospital for life-threatening injuries.

On December 25, 2016, at about 10:15 p.m. King City Police responded to 11950 SW King James Place on a report of a disturbance involving possible shots fired. They arrived with back up units from Tigard police and found a deceased adult female.

The homicide suspect, 30-year-old James Tylka, was spotted driving his vehicle and was pursued by officers. The pursuit ended on SW Gimm Lane south of the City of Sherwood. Mr. Tylka is also believed to be responsible for shooting and seriously injuring the Oregon State trooper. Officers from Hillsboro, Sherwood, and Tualatin Police Departments were also involved in the incident and are currently on paid administrative leave, per standard protocol.

The Washington county Major Crimes Team is investigating both incidents at this time. This is an ongoing investigation with multiple crime scenes and multiple agencies involved. More details will be released as the investigation unfolds and detectives are able to confirm the sequence of events. No further information will be released today.

The Oregon State Police Posted the following on their Facebook page:

Please join us in thoughts and prayers for one of our troopers, who was in a violent encounter tonight in Washington County. The trooper was shot multiple times and is now receiving medical care for his injuries. The trooper has been with the department for 7 years and is an army veteran out of our North Plains Office. Out of respect for the family, we are not releasing the troopers name at this time. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and continuing support. #OSPFamily

Here is the news release from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office who is the lead on this ongoing investigation. https://flashalert.net/id/wcso/100376



5 thoughts on “Oregon State Police Officer critically wounded, suspect dead after homicide of another victim”

  1. You know, I use Twitter and instead of petitions or pictures I only tweeted about police, firemen & healthcare/first resoinders on Christmas. Of how they miss out on holidays etc because they are either keeping us safe or saving lives. Then this. I don’t even know what the answer is; better gun control? Personally as someone who had a semi LEO job for 10 years, I e always felt sentencing was too short for the type of crimes. Saw a high rate of recidivism.

    1. We have a lot of criminal laws on the books for gun control. The problem is enforcing them. The courts do not do it. If We were serious about ending these types of crimes we would strictly punish people who committed crimes with guns and follow stricter guidelines for sentencing. Instead many crimes are plea bargained down to nothing where the guns are thrown out as part of the agreements. In the end the legal gun owners are the ones who pay the price.

  2. As a nurse manager at a larger county jail, I would see the same faces over and over as the recidivism rate was very high. I am appalled that someone with a lengthy record commits a serious crime and is sentenced to 9 months meaning he can serve it in county on my state. 9 months and 1 day and he goes to prison. Then even with a 9 month sentence he’s out in 6 only to be arrested again within months. The courts are NOT sending a much needed message that society will not tolerate these behaviors so theres no deterrent. They just keep stealing, fishing and committing domestic violence.

    1. I’ve been trying to post that for over a week. It wouldn’t take it for some reason. I’m having visual issues that are being corrected soon ~ the above should say “fighting” not fishing. hahaha

    2. Our courts do no justice anymore, considering the victims should be a priority but they are not. It seems that they cater to the criminals now.

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