Mount Vernon, Wa. Officer shot in the head, suspect in custody after standoff

A 61 year old officer was shot in the head and is in critical condition. His assailant was arrested after an armed standoff with authorities.

Mount Vernon, Wa. Authorities reported that a convicted felon has shot a Mount Vernon officer in the head after the officer had responded to a shots fired call at around 5:30 P.M..

Authorities reported that Mount Vernon Officer who is 61 years old was taken to surgery and had woken up but was then sedated as medical practitioners believed it best for his recovery to do so. The officer was believed to be in critical condition at this time but hopes were high for his survival.

The suspect who shot him was identified as Ernesto Rivas, 44, and it was stated that he had been arrested and convicted on prior occurrences of violent behavior.  He had previously ben sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1998 for an incident involving the abduction and interrogation of four individuals he believed had been involved with the theft of a woman’s necklace. In 2011 he plead guilty to unlawful possession of firearms.

During his criminal proceedings, over 10 criminal counts have been satisfied through plea bargains that have kept him out of prison for life.

After Rivas shot the officer he barricaded himself inside the residence and a standoff began. He continued to fire at officers who eventually fired tear gas into the residence. Rivas was taken into custody without being injured. He was transported to the Skagit County Jail without further incident.

Currently his bail is set at $1 million and he may be treated as a three time violent felony offender which carries a life imprisonment penalty.

Ernesto Rivas (Photo Credit: DOC)




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