2 Lavonia, Ga Officers shot during the stop of a stolen vehicle, suspect in custody

2 Lavonia Officers were shot while conducting a stop of a stolen vehicle and were both said to have non-life threatening injuries, the suspect is in custody.

Lavonia, Ga. Two Officers performed a traffic stop at about 9:00 P.M. when officers from the Department pulled over a vehicle suspected of being stolen. The operator of the vehicle fired upon the officers.

Both Officers were identified one was struck in the hand and one was struck under his vest. The shooter fled the scene. Both officers were transported to a local hospital for treatment and other officers flooded the area.

The Shooter was captured about two hours later and was identified as Khari Anthony Dashaun Gordon, 22, who is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Gordon was out on bond for an attempted murder charge in Greenville County, according to court records. Gordon was also stopped in Greenville for driving without a license on Friday, December 9.

He was found in the woods about two miles from the scene of the shooting.

One officer was identified as Michael Schullman, 50 married with 2 children, who has been with the department for 14 years who is in ICU. The bullet entered his body under his vest. The other officer was identified as Jeffery Maritin, 22, who has been with the department less than 1 year and is married. The bullet is still in his hand and will have to be removed by a specialist later.

The GBI will be investigating the shooting.

2 thoughts on “2 Lavonia, Ga Officers shot during the stop of a stolen vehicle, suspect in custody”

  1. This is insanity and for the very first time in the 3 years since it occurred, I’m glad my family member was injured by a suspect she was bringing into jail for booking (bath salts- need I say more?). It brought her stellar 12 year career to an end due to the nature of injuries but I would be fearful every day she was on duty. Honest to God these people, members of certain political groups, extremist groups or just part of the fringe element that target our LEO should spend a week in their shoes. Or sit beside a loved one at the hospital wondering if their BlueHero is going to pull through. Perhaps then they wouldn’t be so quick to use whatever their weapon of choice is against law enforcement. I use the term “weapon of choice” because some turn guns on our officers whilst others use a pen to write scathing indictments of how inept, prejudiced, corrupt ______ insert adjective of choice. I believe I read an op-ed the other day about 2016 being a terrible year for Georgia law enforecement.

    Thanks for writing as you do. I don’t know if you’re on Twitter but will follow if you are. Let me know!

  2. I follow a blogger who follows you. Since I share her opinion about law end of enforcement officers both 2 and 4 legged thought I would check I you out. Glad I did. Thanks for doing this

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