Leland, N.C. Officer shot, Suspect killed

A Leland Officer was shot in an exchange of gunfire with a suspect after investigating a call of suspicious origin.


Leland, N.C. A Police Officer was shot while investigating a call of a report of a suspicious origin. When the officer arrived he exchanged gunfire with a man.

Both the Leland officer and the identity of the man were being withheld at this time by officials.

Details were being withheld on the shooting that happened in Bridgeport Way in Windsor Park other than the officer was wearing a bullet proof vest. The officer was shot in the leg and in the chest. The vest he wore having been attributed to saving his life. The officer was transported to a local area hospital where he underwent surgery for the injuries to his leg from the gunshot wounds.

The suspect was killed.

There was no further information other than independent review of the shooting would take place by state investigators.


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