Updates on Ga. Officer shot while responding to dometic

The 2nd officer responding to a domestic disturbance also passed away from his injuries. The suspect reportedly took his own life.


Americus , Ga. Updated information on Officer Jody Smith. We regret to inform you that Officer Smith has passed away from the gunshot wound he received when responding to a domestic disturbance yesterday in Georgia.

Officer Smith responded to a Domestic disturbance for the Georgia Southwestern State University along with Officer Nicholas Smarr. Both officers had been dispatched to the Country Club Estates apartment complex off campus in the morning hours of December 8, 2016.

During that time it  is believed one of the persons involved in the domestic Minguell Kennedy Lembrick, 32 opened fire on the Officers shooting both in the head. Officer Smarr died yesterday however Officer Smith survived until today after having been air lifeted to an hospital. Despite medicinal efforts he succumbed to his injuries.

A S.W.A.T. team found Lembrick dead according to Chief of Americus Police Mark Scot. Scott stated that Lembrick had died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Officers had received a tip of where Lembrick had been hiding when they arrived he had already died.

Officer Smith and Smarr been friends since grade school and were roommates, sharing a home in the county. Smith was engaged to be married next year.

Georgia Southwestern State University Officer Jodi Smith (l.) and Nicholas Ryan Smarr (r.) of the Americus Police Department

The original Story can be found here: Ga. Officer killed another critical after responding to domestic


One thought on “Updates on Ga. Officer shot while responding to dometic”

  1. This is truly heartbreaking on so many levels. Friends since high school, academy together, and for a while same departments. When Officer Smith heard the domestic call and knew Officer Smarr was responding alone, he backed him up. Such a testament to the bonds of friendship, loyalty, and epitomizes the word “heroes”. I was very proud of the sheriff during the news briefing when a female reporter asked him to confirm that one of the officers was engaged to the other one’s sister. He ignored her! The media is going to be bombarding both families soon enough because of their jackal mindset.
    Very tragic day, Two promising lives ended at the hand of someone with over 30 pages of criminal history. Then he takes the cowardly way out and commits suicide. Would have preferred to see him go down riddled with bullets. I also hope they don’t have to release Officer Smarr’s body cam to the media. Give him respect.

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