Ga. Officer killed another critical after responding to domestic

1 Georgia police officer was fatally shot on Wednesday morning, and another one is in “very, very critical” condition after they responded to a domestic dispute, authorities say.

Officers from the Americus Police Department and Georgia Southwestern State University responded to a domestic dispute at the Country Club Estates apartment complex near the campus at about 9:40 A.M.. A Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Nelly Miles gave a brief press conference this afternoon on the incident.

Both officers were shot in the head. Officer Nicholas Smarr of the Americus Police Department was killed, and the severely wounded officer was identified as Georgia Southwestern State University Officer Jody Smith.

Officer Jody Smith was life flighted to Macon, Ga. for treatment.

The suspect in the shooting of both officers is Minguell Kennedy Lembrick, 32, who is described as being 6’1” and 170 pounds.  There is currently a $20,000.00 reward for Lembrick who is to be considered armed and dangerous at this time.

Americus is a town of 17,000 people about two and a half hours south of Atlanta. More than 2,500 students attend Georgia Southwestern State University, a state university that offers four-year and master’s-level degrees. The school has been placed on lockdown and residents have been told to shelter in place.

There were already active warrants for Lembrick prior to the shooting however Officers were unaware of that upon responding to the domestic.


Minguell Kennedy Lembrick, 32 – wanted

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  1. I tweeted the info. I am so &%^&%^ sick of this. Seems like every day an LEO puts on their uniform, badge & duty belt. Ready to do their job. Then they encounter someone whether it be on a call or random and they never come home. I know there is a small % of renegade cops but I believe over 90% are good, honest people who followed a calling; a desire to protect and serve.

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