Tacoma police shooting ended. Suspect dead, two children rescued

The Tacoma Police incident where an officer was murdered and suspect was barricaded has ended

Tacoma, Wash. A police officer was murdered when he responded to a domestic dispute. Two children were being held as hostage.

According to Tacoma Police Department Officials an officer was shot when an initial contact was made inside the residence.

Another officer went inside and extricated the first officer and made a preliminary examination of the scene notifying other officers of the dangers involved.

S.W.A.T. teams and other agencies descended upon the area swiftly to surround the area and safe guard the community as negotiators began the process of attempting to get the barricaded subject to surrender himself and let the children that were being used as human shields to be released.

Efforts to negotiate with the subject failed although SWAT team members did manage to remove one child form the residence through the night safely.

At one point while the hostage taker had one of the children as a shield a SWAT team member from the Sheriff’s Department was able to fire one round and did put the man down saving the child’s life.

Both children ages 8 and 11 were alright but were taken to the hospital for observation.

All that is known about the officer that was murdered is that he was 45 years old and a member of the department for 17 years.



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