Anchorage, Ak. Officer shot in Ambush, suspect killed

One person was killed, and one police officer was taken to a local hospital with injuries following a shooting early Saturday morning

Anchorage, Ak. Authorities reported that at about 4:30 a.m. Saturday, an officer in a patrol car responded to a report of a theft suspect on foot in downtown Anchorage.

While engaged in the stop a man approached the officer on foot and began shooting at the officer who was in his vehicle. The officer exited his vehicle and returned fire after calling for assistance.

The Officer was struck multiple times and the suspect continued to fire at the officer as he lay wounded in the street. . Another officer arrived at the scene and gunfire was exchanged with the suspect according to preliminary reports.

More officers arrived and gave emergency aid to both the injured officer and suspect.

Per department policy, the names of both officers won’t be released for three days.

Anchorage Police Chief Christopher Tolley said that the officer is undergoing surgery for serious “but non life threatening wounds.” “It was a clear and intentional ambush,” Tolley said. “But it will take a while to sort through the information and conduct interviews of those involved and other potential witnesses, as well as collecting other evidence. It wouldn’t be fair to put too much information out there right now because we don’t want witnesses to be swayed by the information that is put out there,”



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