Topeka detective shot attempting to take armed robbery suspect in custody suspect also shot

Topeka, Kansas A detective was shot in the abdomen and leg when attempting to take a suspect into custody for an armed robbery of a convince store. The suspect was also shot in the exchange of gunfire.

Topeka, Kansas An armed robbery of a convenience store occurred at 2518 NE Seward Ave in the City of Topeka at about 6:30 P.M..  

Authorities stated that a male had displayed a handgun during the robbery and had fled in a blue-colored vehicle. Shortly after the vehicle was spotted by officers and an attempt to stop it and take the occupants in custody was made near S.E. Second Street and S.E. Davis Street.

At that time two men fled from the vehicle but one was taken into custody without incident. The other fled and a perimeter was set up by Police.

At about 7:40 P.M. the second subject was located by officers and they attempted to take him into custody. There was an exchange of gunfire and a Detective was struck in the abdomen and leg. The suspect was also shot during the exchange of gunfire.

Bothe the officer and suspect were taken to a local area hospital. The detective was listed in fair condition however the suspect was listed as having life threatening injuries.

The following Press Release was published on the Topeka Police Department Facebook Page:





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