Orange County, Fl. Deputies rescue abandoned injured pit bulls

Deputies from Orange County showed great compassion for two pit bulls that were injured and abandoned on the road. The frightened animals appreciated their rescue.

Orange County, Fl. A call to the Orange County Sheriff alerted Deputies to respond to two abandoned Pit Bulls that were in the roadway. The animals were bleeding and frightened. Deputies who arrived at the scene found the two injured frightened animals huddling together and not moving.

After assessing the situation the Deputies were able to give comfort to the animals that was accepted graciously by the two. A bystander took photographs of the compassionate act and were sent into the  Sheriff’s Office and eventually posted to their Facebook page with the following notations:

October 27, 2016

OCSO in Action:
Our deputies serve and protect the most vulnerable in our society, and often that includes animals.
Early Thursday morning, two Squad 10 deputies from Sector 4 came upon two sweet-natured pitbulls–one had been injured and they both were scared.
The dogs were discovered in the middle of the road near South Orange and Oakridge Avenues.
A citizen sent us pictures of Deputy Boggs and Deputy Reed comforting the frightened dogs.
Writes Adam:
“The deputies stood by with the dogs until Animal Services arrived and they even applied gauze to the injured dog’s leg to stop the heavy bleeding.”
“These pictures I took depict a loving nature from our deputies and will tug at any animal lover’s heart strings. Thank you.”
The dogs are now at Orange County Animal Services where they are comfortable and being cared for.
Well done, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs.


October 28, 2016

Justice (A362290, top right) and Liberty (A362290, bottom right) were rescued from a dangerous intersection by two Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida deputies. Deputies Boggs and Reed comforted the two scared dogs while waiting for Animal Services to arrive. These two ladies are now safe and thriving in our care.

On November 3, 2016 the following video was posted along with this update:

It was one week ago, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs helped calm and comfort two very sweet, scared pit bulls (one injured) that were found wandering in a dangerous high-traffic intersection.
The dogs were taken to Orange County Animal Services where they were promptly named Liberty and Justice and are now up for adoption.
Here’s a short video from Animal Services of our Sector 4 deputies checking up on the pups, who are full of personality.
We want Justice (A362290) and Liberty (A362289) to find a forever home. Hopefully together. Please adopt them.
The deputies are spoken for 🙂
Please go to this link: for more information on Liberty and Justice.

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