NYPD 1 Officer Killed 1 wounded responding to Home invasion, suspect shot

2 Sergeants responding to a residential home invasion in the Bronx were shot by the intruder. One officer has perished from his injuries; the suspect who was also shot has been taken into custody.

Bronx, New York: Officers responded to a home invasion near the 1400 block of Beach Avenue when the shooting occurred on Friday afternoon. According to multiple news outlets the suspect was found by the sergeants in a vehicle not far from the scene of the crime.

While attempting to apprehend the suspect near 1575 Noble Ave., next to the Noble Playground an exchange of gunfire occurred. One sergeant was struck in the head and the other sergeant was struck perhaps multiple times in the legs. The suspect was also shot during the exchange.

It has been reported that the Sergeant who was shot in the head has died from his injuries. It has also been reported that the suspect may have died from his injuries.

Both officers were transported to Jacobi Hospital. The Officer who died was the father of two according to one source.

The suspect has been identified as Manuel Rosales, 35, of Brentwood, Long Island,

This is a late breaking story, NYPD will be giving a press conference shortly with media updates.

Photo Credit: Richard Harbus

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