Arnold, Mo. 2 Officers shot after responding to a disturbance, suspect in custody

2 officers were shot by a suspect with a shotgun after responding to a disturbance in a trailer park on Friday afternoon. The suspect was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

Arnold, Mo. Officers responded to the call for a disturbance at Jeffco Boulevard and Plaza Drive just before 3 p.m. on Friday. The call placed by Marie Reid was about her neighbor who has not yet been identified was apparently agitated with other neighbors and walking around with a .12 gauge shotgun and threating to either do harm to himself or others.

When Officers arrived the suspect apparently fired his weapon which struck the officers who then took cover behind their vehicle. Both officers were struck. The officers were identified as Corporal Jason Gorenstein a 19 year veteran of the department and Officer John Palme who has been with the department for 9 years.

Both Officers were taken to St. Anthony’s Medical Center where they were treated for injuries to their faces from the shotgun fire. Both officers have been released from the hospital at this time but may require further treatment later.

After firing on officers the suspect returned to his residence where he smoked a cigarette as Police converged on his location. Approximately 14 police vehicles, multiple ambulances, a K-9 unit, and a fire truck responded to the location according to reports.

After about 5 minutes of inactivity by the suspect from within his residence he surrendered without incident to Police. The suspect was transported to a local hospital presumably for evaluation. He will be charged at a later date for his attacks on the officers.

Here’s the scene along JeffCo Blvd. in Arnold where two police officers were shot in the face. (Photo Credit: Brett A. Blume ‏@brettblumekmox)




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