Texas Highway Patrol Officer pays it forward

A citizen makes a remarkable post on Facebook that should be read and shared

PastorAlan Taylor posted on his Facebook page that he had a very remarkable interaction from a traffic stop with a Texas Highway Patrol officer. Please take a minute to read and share what happened:

From October 23, 2016

Last night around Midnight, we we’re pulled over by a Cop for a headlight being out. We we’re pulled over in the middle of NO WHERE! Of course, with all that’s been going on with Police, I was just a tad bit nervous….. He proceeded to do his Job, and decided to give us a Warning. Then he noticed a Can of Similac, and he asked how old was our Baby, we told him and his face LIT UP! He started talking about he and his Wife, how they adopted 2 twin girls and they bought SEVERAL packs of Similac, and now they no longer need it. So he asked us if we would like a pack? Long story short… He asked us to follow him to his HOUSE, and he and his Wife GAVE us 7 Cans of Similac as a Gift to the Baby at MIDNIGHT in the middle of NO WHERE! Despite all the evil in the world, their are STILL good people and I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge Office Daniel for being kind to my Wife and I. Thank you sir! This world is a better place because of people like YOU! 🙂 #GoodOfficersStillExist #Blessed

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