Wellston, Ok. 2 Officers shot 1 suspect in custody 1 being sought

The Lincoln County Sheriff reports that 2 officers were shot approximately 6:30 this evening. One suspect has been apprehended and another is yet being sought in connection with the shooting.

Wellston, Ok. Two Wellston Police officers were shot when responding to investigate reports of gunshots in their patrol area. One person was apprehended already in connection with the shooting and another is yet at large.

The Officers injuries were not fatal however specifics on their injuries were not released nor were their names. The subject who is in custody was not released as of this time.

Further details of the incident have not been made public at this time. Updates will be made available as they are released.

Deputies from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office are assisting with the investigation and attempting to apprehend the wanted person.

The suspect that is wanted is named Michael Vance and is depicted here:

Michael Vance (Photo Credit: Lincoln County Sheriff)

He is believed to be operating a Lincoln Towncar, white in color with a blue top. If you have any information please contact the Lincoln County Sheriff at (405) 258-1191

A press release was given as follows:

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Chandler, Ok

At approximately 6:30 this evening, two Wellston police officers were shot while responding to a shots fired call in the Wellston area. The injuries were fortunately not life-threatening. The suspects fled the scene in a Lincoln Towncar, white in color with a blue top. One subject is currently in custody, the following subject, Michael Vance, is still at large.

The above information is provided by Lincoln County E911. At this time this is all the information we have available for the public. We ask that you give them the courtesy of refraining from making calls to either the Sheriff’s Office or the 911 dispatch center for anything other than emergency calls. Our dispatchers are busy trying to keep our officers alive and informed as well as keeping the public safe.


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