N.J. State Trooper Pays it forward to man down on his luck

A N.J. State Trooper handled a complaint of a man who was panhandling in the Town of Hainesport, but instead of ushering him to just leave or arresting him for the infraction the Trooper paid it forward.

Today everybody seems to love to capture the things Officers do on the job with video, well one video surfaced that a Trooper with the N.J. State Police did. He was sent to a store where a man had been asking people for money all day.

The manager stated that he had asked the man earlier o leave but the man had still been asking customers for money. Eventually the Police had been called. Trooper Sean Wallace responded and found that the man was looking for money to buy food for himself and his wife.

Instead of arresting the man or just having him leave, the Trooper who had two years on the job had the man sit in the back of his cruiser while he went in and bought him a rotisserie chicken for the man and his wife to dine on as they wished.

He gave the man the chicken and parted with the advice that he should try and get back to a family members home and that if the man came back the situation would end differently.

The man thanked the Trooper for his generosity.

The video of the incident was uploaded to the Facebook page of the N.J. State Police with the following editorial:

Trooper Buys Meal for Man Down on His Luck

Trooper Sean Wallace has less than two years on the job, but he handled this situation like a 20-year veteran with a heart of gold.

On Saturday, October 1, at 9:30 p.m., Tpr. Wallace was dispatched to a food store in Hainesport Township for a suspicious person complaint. When he arrived, he talked with the manger who told him that a man was soliciting his customers for money in front of his store. He explained to the trooper that he had already told the man to leave the property earlier in the day.

Now, understandably a business has a right to protect its customers from unwanted solicitation. And Tpr. Wallace’s only obligation was to advise the man not to solicit on the premises. But instead, Tpr. Wallace went beyond the call of duty to help out a man and his wife who are down on their luck.

We couldn’t be prouder of this young trooper! Some things you just can’t teach in the academy…

Now check out the video for the story!


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