Des Moines, Ia. Man ends his own persuit by shooting his tires out

A police persuit was ended by a man who shot his own tires out!

In Des Moines. Ia. Police attempted to stop a vehicle for a minor traffic violation. The driver 24 year old Taylor Parker was operating the vehicle with a suspended drivers license and decided it was better to run. His decision was based on the fact that his license was suspended and a few other factors. The first reason was that he was carrying a shotgun that he should not have been. The second reason was that he was carrying a quantity of methamphetamine also that he should not have been in retrospect.

As Parker raced from a Police officer he had the idea that he might just throw some of the items out of the window. Parker made the choice to toss the shotgun. The weapon, upon impact with the ground discharged and blew out one of his own tires ending his flight for freedom rather unceremoniously.

Parker was taken into custody and booked into the Polk County Jail in lieu of $113,000 bail on the charges of eluding police, driving suspended, unauthorized possession of a weapon, failure to affix a drug tax stamp, an additional narcotics violation, and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.



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