Benicia, Ca. Police find 18 year old walking late at night from job but not for long

An 18 year old trekked hours late at night through industrial areas not known for foot traffic from his job on foot until an Officer saw his work ethic and did something to help him out.

Jourdan Duncan, 18 was found walking home from his job after 11:00 P.M. on a highway not known for foot traffic near industrial complexes by a Police Officer named Cpl. Kirk Keffer of the Benicia Police Department.

Keffer wondered why the young man would be walking down such a lonely stretch of roadway late at night and Duncan wondered why the officer was stopping him and what he had done wrong.

“Usually in the industrial area, there’s no foot traffic, so it was kind of weird to see someone walking around on foot,” Keffer told The Washington Post. Was he okay? What was he doing out there by himself?

As the Officer stopped to inquire about Duncan’s safety and situation Duncan too had questions and reservations but from a different perspective: “I was absolutely nervous,” he said. “I thought, okay, um, did I do anything wrong? Is he going to put me in cuffs? I didn’t do anything bad.”

Duncan explained to the Officer that he had left work at Pro-Form Laboratories. That his shift started at 3:00 P.M. and ended at around midnight daily and he was returning home to his parents residence in Vallejo. That he walked both ways daily.

Keffer was shocked at the distance the young 18 year old and his work ethic realizing that he would walk approximately 7 miles each way to work and home and offered Duncan a ride back to his house.

While transporting the young man home Keffer learned more about the young man. That Duncan had a vehicle at one time but it developed problems and the vehicle was too expensive t fix as the young man was saving his money for college.

He also learned that the young man had not been asking his co-workers for rides because he didn’t want to be a burden on anyone, rather he would just walk to and from work every day and be independent.

Lastly he learned that the young man had a goal. That although he very much enjoyed where he was working and he people he worked with his goal was to someday be a California Highway Patrolman like some of his family members were.

Officer Keffer dropped the young man off at his residence but didn’t let it go there. He went back to his station and pressed his fellow officers into service. He told them about Duncan and they agreed upon what they would do.

The Benicia Police Officers Association decided to purchase the young man a bicycle to help him out on his daily commute to and from work. They purchased an upscale mountain bike from a local bike shop named Wheels in Motion, the owner who heard about the young man added a few extras to help out the young man as well.

The officers then surprised Duncan at his place of work with the bike.

Once again Duncan hearing from his manager that there were Police officers waiting for him outside thought he was in trouble went outside to see what he may have done was pleasantly surprised to see officers waiting there. They pulled the bike from behind a vehicle stating: “‘We have something for you,’” he said they told him “‘This is your bike’ … I was like, wait, what? Is this some kind of trick?”

“We would like to acknowledge your hard work and dedication for what you do and setting the example for kids your age,” Keffer said they told him. “Hopefully this’ll make your trip easier.”

The Benicia Police Officers Association Posted the following on their Facebook page regarding Keffer and  Duncan’s meeting and following encounter:

Our BPOA members take pride in helping out our community both on and off duty. Great Job Kirk!

Thank you to Wheels in Motion Skate & Bike shop owner Greg Andrade for working with the BPOA to make this happen.

14354932_340454609623005_4721587445769625342_n You never know someone’s story until you talk to them — A young man’s work ethic and determination moved our officers to help him with his future.

During a late night patrol last week, one of our officers approached Jourdan Duncan, 19, walking in the Industrial Park area. After speaking to him, Cpl. Keffer found out that Jourdan walks two hours each way every day from Vallejo to go to work in Benicia because he doesn’t have a car and doesn’t want to burden anyone with a ride. Cpl. Keffer then offered him a ride home and got to know Jourdan better.


Their conversation inspired Cpl. Keffer and the rest of the Benicia Police Officers Association to get Jourdan a new bicycle as a mode of transportation. Last night, the officers surprised Jourdan with his brand-new bike at his work!

We wish the best for Jourdan and his future, and we are very proud of our officers!






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