El Cajon Police Shooting explained

The unfortunate shooting in El Cajon, CA. is explained.

The 38-year-old Alfred Olango was shot when failing to comply with officers instructions and taking a shooting stance after pointing what appeared to be an offensive weapon at officers.

According to ABC news Police in El Cajon said Wednesday night that they recovered the vaping device consisting of a cylinder and a box that 38-year-old Alfred Olango was holding when he was shot on Tuesday.

Police say it was a 4-inch-long electronic smoking device that a black man pointed at a Southern California police officer who shot and killed him.

The 38 year old man was refusing to follow orders by Police and Olango pulled the device from his pocket, held it with both hands and took a “shooting stance” toward one of the two officers who were there. A bystander videotaped he incident and gave the video to Police as evidence of the incident as it unfolded.

Alfred Olango takes a deadly shooting stance against Police in El Cajon

There is little question that the officers statements as to Olango’s actions were true. When he took his “shooting stance” it was at the least bizarre but also under a reasonable and knowledgeable persons mind potentially life threatening.  The instrument that the man produced was not readily identifiable and could not be identified as safe for officers, in fact it could be considered a weapon.

An e-cigarette or homemade zip guns look frighteningly similar. These are all homemade zip guns capable of firing a bullet and causing death.

Homemade zip guns capable of firing a bullet and causing death.

Even if the item was identified as an e-cigarette it could have been a disguised stun gun delivering 18 million volts of electricity commercially sold on the internet today.

This is a photo of an actual stun gun e-cigarette the manufacturer boasts “Designed to look like an Electronic Cigarette, this model enables you to catch your attacker off guard and gives you the element of surprise that is often needed to safety defend yourself .”

Officers have an absolute right to defend themselves no matter what color a person is. When you come in contact with an officer no matter what the circumstances they react to what they are being presented with. We have seen time and time again people acting in erratic ways to take advantage of Officers reaction times and then kill them.

Quick – one of these delivers 18 million volts three are just e-cigarettes, can you identify which is which?

Scroll down for the answers:



































We were testing you the first two are e-cigarettes – the third is a zip gun and the last is a stun gun that will deliver 18 million volts of electricity to an unknowing person!

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