Greensboro, N.C. Officer goes above and beyond, Facebook post goes viral

A Greensboro Police Officer answered a 911 call to assist a motorist who wanted to share her story about the event. Since that time the post has gone viral.

The Greensboro Police Department was happy to hear about Officer Blake’s helpfulness and posted the following to their Facebook page:

Greensboro Police Department

Hi, Alexis. We are so glad Officer Blake was able to help you in your time of need. You were very kind to send this post and let people know about your experiences with one of our officers. We hope the rest of your travels were uneventful!

The Original Facebook post made by Alexis Surratt was as follows:

I just want to make an appreciation post. Less than an hour ago I blew a tire on Wendover Ave and I called 911 so that an officer could pull behind me since I had nowhere to pull off to. I just assumed he would wait with me for Triple A to come. This wonderful Greensboro police officer stopped and he found my spare tire in the trunk (that I didn’t even know was there). Sadly, it was flat. He helped direct me to back up on the curb and into the grass. He took me to put air in the tire and came back and changed my tire for me. Sweat dripping down his forehead in this heat and all. I can’t fully express how grateful I am for police officers like him. “The thing is police officers do stuff like this everyday.” For that we should be forever thankful. #WeAllBleedRed

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