Plano, TX. 2 black men record Police encounter expect to see brutality end up helping Officer

Plano, Tx. two men who were on the street saw an officer attempting to make an arrest started filming it expecting to see more police brutality. Instead they rushed to help the officer needing assistance.

Andre Harvey and Kirby Sample were waiting on the street when they saw a Police Officer jump out of his car and grab a man who just ran out of a 7/11 carrying a plastic donation jar full of cash. They did what is becoming very common and started filming it thinking the officer was going to be brutal.

“That was my impulse, I have to say it but that was my impulse was that this cop’s gonna do something stupid,” said Andre Harvey.

While the officer, Detective Jon Hoffman struggled with the suspect Majd D. Qewa, 27, he called for help as he was unable to restrain the man on the hood of his car.

“When he asked for help, I’m thinking to myself, ‘Well there’s not gonna be a shooting if I get over there in time.'”

The two men rushed toward the plain clothes officer and helped him restrain the man so he could be taken into custody.

The Plano Police Detective was so appreciative for the quick help he received he took both men out to lunch afterward. “Neither one of them hesitated, they just did what responsible people would do,” Hoffman told KTVT.

The man, 27-year-old Majd D. Qewar, was charged with resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance.

The charity jar he stole? It had less than $50 supporting a muscular dystrophy cause.

After the arrest, the detective promised the two men lunch at a local steakhouse Texas Land & Cattle.

One ordered a boneless rib eye and the other ordered a full rack of baby back ribs. Both had dessert. The lunch cost the detective almost $100 but said it was the least he could do.

“We are proud of these two good Samaritans and their willingness to place themselves in harm’s way for the safety of others,” the department said in a statement.

Screen shot from Video footage taken of fight between Hoffman and Qewar. (Credit: Andre Harvey)


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