Grieving man stopped for speeding, Officer drives him 100 miles to be with family

A man who received news of his sister’s death was stopped for speeding, instead of leaving the man stranded, the officer stuns him by driving him 100 miles to join his family.

Ohio: Mark Ross found out that his sister had passed away, all he wanted to do was get to his family as quick as he could. While Ross was in a speeding vehicle with a friend through Ohio on his way to Detroit to be with family he saw the foreboding red lights of a Police car behind him.

The driver of the vehicle had a suspended license and Ross had a petit warrant for his arrest as well. He believed that getting to his family was a desire that would be unfulfilled.

Trooper J. Davis of the Ohio State Highway Patrol took the driver of the vehicle into custody because he had a suspended license and the vehicle was towed. Ross was now left stranded in Ohio.  The warrant for his arrest was out of Wayne County in the State of Michigan and they didn’t want to send someone to get him.

Ross broke down on the side of the road and began to cry. Trooper Davis spoke with Ross about his situation, the death of his sister and the desire to be with family at the current time. With recent headlines in media the last thing he expected was a white Police officer to help him yet as he stated to Inside Edition:

“It was just so overwhelming, They were trying to help us.” Ross said “They were trying to get me as close to Detroit as possible,”

“Everyone knows how much I dislike cops,” Ross wrote on his Facebook page, where a photo he shared of him Sgt. Robison has been shared more than 48,000 times.  “He gave me hope,” His family, he said, is eternally grateful for Robison’s generosity of spirit. They have invited him to the young girl’s services. “He’s actually going to attend the funeral,” Ross said.

Mark Ross’s entire Facebook post that has since gone viral was as follows:

At 3am I got a phone call stating that my sister had been killed in a car accident due to some young dumb punk! I haven’t slept and instantly got on the road. Of course we were speeding, trying to get back to Detroit. And we got pulled over in Ohio. I knew I was going to Jail due to a petty warrant. The police called Wayne county and they refused to come get me because of the distance. I explained to the officer that my sister had died and that I needed to get to my mother asap. I broke down crying and he saw the sincerity in my cry. He REACHES OVER AND BEGAN PRAYING OVER ME AND MY FAMILY. He offered to bring me 100 miles further to Detroit because they towed the vehicle. Everybody knows how much I dislike Cops but I am truly Greatful for this Guy. He gave me hope



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