Roane County, TN. Deputy earns Praise from Black man who hopes to change tone of national dialogue

A man who originally resided in West Africa and immigrated to the United States recently recounted an encounter with a white Deputy for local news.

In light of recent national debate a man named Alex Darboe who is black wanted to recount his personal encounter with a white officer and how that went to show that not all officers are racist as portrayed. He told local news station WATEI don’t see officers as a threat to me. I see them as my friends,” Darboe said.

After finding photos that Darboe had taken one day of the meeting he had with Deputy Kyle Canup of the Roane County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee he posted the photos on his Facebook page and they were circulated quite a bit. At some point News station WATE interviewed him about the incident

He told WATE how he had a flat tire and Deputy Canup pulled up to see what the problem was. Darboe had never hanged a flat tire before and the Deputy had gotten out of his vehicle and changed it for him on the very hot day getting very dirty in the process to help.

“All of a sudden this cop slowed down and he said, ‘How can I help you?’ We said we have a flat tire. I don’t know how to change a flat tire,” Darboe explained.

He says Deputy Canup got under his car that hot day, getting himself dirty in the process.

“The tire was underneath his vehicle, so I had to get it out and got under the car. I had a lot of black tar on my hands,” Deputy Kyle Canup said.

“With everything going on across the country, Black Lives Matter and protests across the country, so many black people are mad about the treatment of young black people. It’s easy for people to think that all cops do is go after young black people and kill them. My encounter with Kyle has changed my perception of police officers in America in general. I don’t see officers as a threat to me. I see them as my friends,” Darboe said.

Darboe’s original Facebook post was as follows:

I have held down many kinds of jobs as an immigrant in America from insurance to working as a detailing technician at a car wash, care giver,semi professional foolish dancer,professional student(if you’ve not heard of any before)freelance writer and even being a cab driver.I’m not proud, I will do anything to make money as long as it’s not illegal .As I was rummaging through a maze of old pictures, I found this spectacular picture. It was about two years ago, before I become rich and before I changed careers to real estate lol. I was a part time cab driver.As I was on a long distance dispatch,my taxi had a flat tire on a country road and I had one of the nicest and kindest police officers come to my aid . This great officer went down under my car to retrieve my spare tire and helped me fix my car (dirtying himself in the process )so I can get to my destination on time and safely. At a time of perceived strained race relations between police and young black men and all police men in uniform seen as trigger happy cops ready to take black lives , you have great cops like this officer going above and beyond to help people regardless of race,religion and national origin . Please help me say thank you so much to this great officer,Kyle Canup of Roane County sheriff’s office for making a difference !#copsmakingadifference.


Alex Darboe


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