Police Detective Puts the Tulsa Incident In Perspective (LOM)

An excellent article by Chelsea Whitaker who is a Dallas Area Police Officer the article appears in Law Officer Magazine and is an excellent perspective on the shooting in Tulsa.

There were a few items that the WBL would like to comment on regarding the Tulsa incident from Law Officer Magazine’s insightful article.

Firstly, the WBL is under the impression that Mr. Crutcher placed his hands up without being told to do so. This in itself is extremely bizarre and frightening behavior for two reasons.

First it shows that a person may have had a lot of prior contact with law enforcement and is expecting to be told to do so.

Or worse yet it shows intent on their part to do something to the officer and take the officer off guard. Placing their hands in the air, especially when they believe that they are on camera, suspects often challenge officers to ‘do something’ in a surrender position as they move closer and closer toward a position of some act that results in the harming of officers.

This has been born from the media’s attention of black offenders being shot by officers and the rhetoric of ‘hands up don’t shoot’

The second thing that was not addressed is that if in fact the officer on the scene had Crutcher place his hands up, which I am certain she, did not, she would NEVER have had him return to his vehicle. She would have either had him return to her vehicle or lay prone on the ground or stand between the two vehicles. She may have had him stop where he stood. But what she would not have done was ordered him to continue to walk toward his vehicle.

This continued movement by Crutcher in itself shows purpose by him to do something that is beyond reason knowing that he has officers commanding him NOT to do while they have weapons pointed at him.

With those issues being raised please read the well written article by Chelsea Whitaker in the Law Officer Magazine here titled Police Detective Puts the Tulsa Incident In Perspective


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