Charlotte, N.C. Free Hugs man gets berated by protesters for doing the right thing

Free Hugs man attempts to hug Police Officers is instantly berated by protesters for offering love.

Charlotte, N.C. One man trying to make a difference in a sea of hatred was met with intolerance by protesters for his brave act of compassion and brotherly love. After hugging a uniformed Police Officer the Black “Free Hugs” man was shouted at by protesters instantly who disputed his act.

Ken E Nwadike Jr The CEO of Superhero Events and Director of the Hollywood Half Marathon, made his way to Charlotte, N.C. like so many others. But Nwadike was not there to protest the death of Keith Scott who people have rioted, looted, murdered others in the name of over the past three days as if this was some new normal cycle of behavior when a black person is killed by Police.

He wrote about his experience on his Facebook page stating:

Last night was very risky and difficult being on the frontline fighting for peace. I lost my patience with a few people, but I know I got through to many and kept some from getting arrested. Unfortunately, a young man was shot in the head during the protests. Condolences to his family. Hate and violence won’t fix the damage that has been done, only love can do that. #FreeHugs

His purpose was simply to hug people. All people regardless of skin color, what they were wearing or who they represented. The moments were captured on video and posted to his Youtube and Facebook accounts showing him in Charlestown.

A ‘big racist white cop’ can be seen at the very beginning of the video pointing at him asking him to come over and saying, “Come here free hugs brother!, Thanks for coming out here and being peaceful with me.” They have a few private words then a black officer comes up and shakes hands with Nwadike and they embrace.

At that point ‘protesters’ call him a pussy, they begin to argue with him and he has to defend his actions that the Police are not the enemy in general. That individuals have to be treated as individuals.  Some are screaming at the officer “Take off that badge nigger”.

He goes on to rationally explain that you can’t judge groups of people by one persons actions. That all Police officers are not robots. They are not all the same. Just like all black people are not the same. One or two people understand, some, mainly the females do not want to hear his arguments; they just want to continue to argue with him.

Nwadike makes progress with some, but not enough sadly. He is a line between the Thin Blue Line and the rioters keeping the rioters safe from their own actions.

Nwadike is fighting the mindset of far too many people like a man described as the brother of Keith Lamont Scott who called all white people “f–cking devils” in an emotional video interview captured after Keith Scott was killed.

In his brief interview as he walked past reporters, he angrily says: “I just know that all white people are f-cking devils.” Then he adds, “All white cops are f-cking devils, and white people.”

Keith Scott didn’t care that his brother, a black man was shot by a Black officer at all; he assumed it was a white officer before having any facts.

His brother was told several times to exit the vehicle and drop his weapon. A black officer shot him and a weapon was discovered at the scene. A woman who said she videotaped the entire event posted it on Facebook. In her posting she inadvertently posted the weapon’s photo on the ground between an officers feet!


While Keith Scott’s killing was tragic, the man did have a history of violence and possession of weapons despite his wifes screaming at Police Officers that he did not have one. His list of arrests and convictions according to the Charlotte Observer are as follows:

Scott was convicted in April 2004 of a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge in Mecklenburg County. Other charges stemming from that date were dismissed: felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and misdemeanors assault on a child under 12, assault on a female and communicating threats.

In April 2015 in Gaston County Court, Scott was found guilty of driving while intoxicated.

In 1992, Scott was charged in Charleston County, S.C., with several different crimes on different dates, including carrying a concealed weapon (not a gun), simple assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

Scott also was charged with aggravated assault in 1992 and assault with intent to kill in 1995. Both charges were reduced, but the disposition of the cases is unclear.

According to Bexar County, Texas, records, Scott was sentenced in March 2005 to 15 months in a state jail for evading arrest. In July of that year, records show, he was sentenced to seven years in prison on a conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman said Scott completed his sentence and was released from prison in 2011.

Upon his killing media immediately linked Scotts killing with that of the Tulsa, Oklahoma shooting of Terence Crutcher. A black male who was shot by a white female Police Officer named Betty Shelby who stated Crutcher had been acting strangely and did not follow her commands. When Crutcher walked back to his car with his hands up, disobeying her commands and started putting his hands down she shot him.

Shelby was arrested on the charge of 1st Degree manslaughter for her actions. However even though the two cases had nothing what so ever to do with each other the media was quick to make a link to them due to skin color of the persons who were shot.

Media has over reported instances of white Police officers killing black suspects that it is expected now that any Police shootings are unjustified when it comes to a black person. It has become the new norm that riots, looting and protests form by Black Lives Matter over any shooting by Police.

It is also unjustly believed that more blacks are killed by Police than white people are and that blacks are targeted by police officers. That all Police Officers are racists.

The reality of the situation is completely the opposite, but thanks to the media nobody will ever believe that the truth of the matter is this:

African-American men may make up 6.6% of the U.S. population, but they account for 33% of those who have murdered police officers in the last three years. In other words, African-American men are 5 times more likely to kill a police officer, but only 3.7 times more likely to be killed by the police.

Since the Washington Post data suggests only 25% of those killed by police use of force were African-American men, but 33% of law enforcement officers murdered in the line of duty were killed by African-American men, it appears that African-American men are less likely to be killed than their violence towards the police would suggest.

The evidence suggests that the police do not disproportionately target African-American men for use of lethal force. The evidence suggests that the police are only responding to the rate of deadly force assaults they are experiencing.*

Our Police Forces are doing an extraordinary job in light of current events despite the negative media publicity that they receive on a daily basis. Officers are human too and they make mistakes.

Instead of demanding more of our officers and continued training which in fact will result in negative consequences that nobody will have foreshadowed or backing them into corners that they are being forced into now where they will no longer be able to help the public. Take a moment to think and rationalize what is truly happening.

Yes there are mistakes that happen in every profession. Yes lives do get lost. But in the Police Profession deaths are far less than even in the medical profession where 251,000 lives every year are lost due to errors. That is a FAR Cry from the 990 mostly justifiable shootings by the Police. But you don’t hear about the Doctors and nurses every day in the media do you?


It is not about the death, it is about the accountability. Police Officers ARE being held accountable as we have seen time and time again.

What we need to see is accountability of the offenders and families who want to scream he doesn’t have a gun, when in fact he does. When family members incite riots and scream for unrest as Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville Smith shrieked to reporters and rioters after he was shot by Police in Milwaukee. Standing outside a burned down gas station that rioters had destroyed the night before and screamed ‘Burning down s*** ain’t gonna help nothing. You’re burning down s*** we need in our community. ‘Take that s*** to the suburbs. Burn that s*** down. ‘We need our s***. We need our weave [an apparent reference to a salon that was damaged in the rioting]. I don’t wear it, but we need it,’ “

That was of course during the riots of Milwaukee, when a black man was shot for pointing a loaded weapon with 23 rounds of ammunition at a black Police officer. Who defended himself by shooting him and once again predictably, riots broke out.

Sylville Smith who was shot by Milwaukee Officer and his sister Sylville who called for violence in the aftermath

One does not ‘protest’ or ‘honor’ a dead person by ransacking businesses, neighborhoods, destroying property, burning vehicles, robbing people, shooting more people, blocking traffic, throwing reporters into fire trying to burn them alive,  and causing people to be late for work, or murdering innocent people.


If you want to protest, then do it right. But remember every person is just that a person. No matter what color they are their life matters. It doesn’t matter what they do for a job, where they live or anything else. We belong to one race, the human race. To say that anything else is more important than that IS RACIST.

No profession has protected black people more than Police Officers and that is just a fact. To hate all Police Officers because something has happened that is heartbreaking to you is not only illogical but is also harming an entire nation by driving us apart.

It is time to end this madness and take a page from Ken E Nwadike Jr who is handing out Hugs, they are free. They are easy to do and they only take a moment or two. But they are the best medicine to heal the wounds that are now ripping the very fabric of our country apart.



*Dolan Consulting Group

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