Man argues with Dallas Police, streams his traffic stop on Facebook, Rats himself out!

A black male who claimed that cooperating with the Police was not in his best interest because he didn’t want a traffic ticket streamed his encounter with Dallas Police on Facebook. If not so serious it would be hilarious.

Dominique Desha Green, 24, claimed he was sitting in a parking lot of an auto parts store deciding what type of part to buy when Dallas Police stopped him for an improper turn signal. He refused to roll his window down and told Police that he would not talk to them, that they worked for him likening them to a McDonalds employee, he wanted to talk to a Sgt..

Green streamed his Police encounter on Facebook explaining to his followers that he knew the law in between talking to the Police Officer who politely explained that he wanted Greens identification and why. Green stated that he was not obligated to give any information since he had done nothing wrong.

However Green admits that he had been getting out of the vehicle when he saw the Officer at first and then returned to his vehicle during his video presentation he streamed to Facebook, then he later states that he had been sitting in the vehicle for 10 minutes.

“Bro, I’m not committing a crime, I’ve just been sitting right here,” Green tells the officer in the video. He continues to complain to the officer about what he sees as unjustified treatment, before asking to speak to the officer’s supervisor and telling the officer, “I refuse to speak to you.” He adds, “I don’t have to listen to you, you are a public servant. … You work for me!”

Green stated over and over that he knew his law, demanded that the Officer call his Sgt. The officer stated at one point that Green as under arrest and was not free to leave. Green watched as more Police cars arrived counting 7 at one point.

He stated to streaming followers who had apparently told him to comply

“No! Hell nah you don’t do what they ask, that’s how you end up with bullshit-ass charges. Fuck them, for real.”

Green stated to his followers “They’re just [expletive] with me because I’m young, black … and on the wrong side of the neighborhood,” and at around the 10:00 mark of the video he states: “I’m glad I didn’t get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of shit, for real.” . At this point you can hear him moving a bag and ruffling his pants around.

This was later used as evidence by Police for a search warrant to search Greens car, they uncovered the cocaine he had hidden in his vehicle at this point during his Facebook stream to his viewers.

Meanwhile he laughed and joked to his followers about how many Officers were around and how they would not shoot him, but probably mace him or beat him up as he laughed.

Green had originally refused to get out of the vehicle and locked the doors of his car. But when he saw the Police cars he was unable to control himself and got out to tell the Police “Black Lives Matter Bitch!” he then got back in his vehicle, he apparently however forgot to lock the door again.

When a Sgt. came to talk to him, Green said that he was afraid of the Police which was why he would not roll down the window. As he was distracted an Officer opened his door and placed him under arrest. Green said he just wanted to go home.

The officers who arrested him stated that Green still resisted arrest, spitting in the face of the original officer who pulled him over, an Officer named Trotter. Green also tried to kick out the window of the police car.

While waiting to be searched at the jail, police say, Green continued to yell at the officer who pulled him over. “Trotte. Trotter. However you pronounce it. That’s a unique name,” he said. “What? It European? You Pilgrim ass cracker.”

Authorities say Green also threatened to kill Trotter and his wife, and sexually assault his daughter.

“When I get out I’m going to hunt you down,” he said.

Now, he’s facing 11 charges, including drug possession, related to the incident. Green is being held at the Dallas County Jail in lieu of $229,500 bail.

Perhaps Green should have just opened his window and complied with the Officer when he was first given a chance instead of streaming to Facebook that he knows the law and how talking with Police was not in his best interest?

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