Richmond, Va. Police Officers Pay it forward, Citizen notices – reports to WBL

From our inbox a citizen reported what they had witnessed by happenstance when two Officers From Richmond, Va. Approached a person in need.

Richmond Police Department – Please know that the men and women who are in your service are appreciated by not only the people they serve but all of us. Media may not report it, but we will! Please read and share!

Hello, thought I’d share. I’ve lived in Richmond Va my whole life & have always been a huge supporter of law enforcement. I happened to be at 7-11 on Chamberlayne Ave last week & I noticed a police cruiser pull up. As a supporter, I always make an effort to speak to officers when I have a chance. As I waited for them to enter the store, I noticed they stopped & appeared to be talking to someone outside. I purchased my items & when I went outside, I saw both officers talking to what appeared to be a man down on his luck. I waved to the officers & waited for them to finish up their business so that I could speak to them. As I waited, I noticed them go inside & come back with a sandwich & a beverage for the individual. I couldn’t help but to snap a picture of this kind hearted gesture. After the officers finished, I introduced myself & noticed that these were the same officers that I saw on the local news a few months back, purchasing a motel room for a homeless lady & her dog! I felt like I knew these gentleman & felt honored to meet them in real life! I thanked them for what I had witnessed & thanked them for taking the time to speak to me! They stated that they were from 4th precinct & to come visit anytime. Officers Saunders & Costley are truly heroes… more ways than one! I hope that you will spread the word about these two kindhearted officers & let them know that they are very much appreciated!!!


Thanks to Gail Jenkins for sharing!

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