Knox County, TN. Officer got busted helping out a young student with some school work

A heartwarming moment was captured in Knox County, Tn. During School and posted to twitter

A School Resource Officer in Knox, Tn. saw a student working on an assignment during school. While most people think that SRO’s jobs are just to protect the kids they may be enlightened to find that they do much more.

“He saw her sitting alone doing homework and asked if she needed help. He grabbed a dry erase board and worked with her,” according to Quineka Moten, a community schools site resource coordinator at Green Magnet School who was picking up her son at South Knox Elementary School when she spotted the two together.

She quickly took a photograph of the Officer identified as Derek Fregeolle working with the child and posted it to Twitter with the following caption: Quineka Moten @MsQuinekaGMA I was thrilled to see South Knox Elementary’s SRO working through math with a student. #RealCommunity

Knox County Officer Derek Fregeolle working with a student (Photo Credit: Quineka Moten @MsQuinekaGMA )





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