Phoenix, Az. 3 officers intentionally run over, suspect in custody

A man ran over three officers intentionally in a parking lot this morning then fought with them. He was taken into custody at the scene.

The Phoenix Police Department has released a statement in connection with an event that happened in the early hours of Tuesday outside a convenience store. Officers had just finished a call and met up when a vehicle sped toward them and crashed into their vehicle injuring one officer as the others took cover.

One officer was a rookie, this being his first day on the job. Two officers were hospitalized from the impact of the vehicle striking them. A sergeant was injured with a broken leg and can be seen in the video trapped under the patrol vehicle after being struck by the suspect’s vehicle.

Police say 44-year-old Marc LaQuon Payne aimed at the officers and stepped on the gas, plowing into them — sending a 33-year-old officer on his first day on the job cartwheeling through the air.

Marc LaQuon Payne is now facing attempted murder and aggravated assault charges.

The City of Phoenix Police Department Posted the following news release to their Facebook page:

This morning, outside the QT at 2500 W. Camelback, three of our officers were the victims of a violent, intentional attack. These officers had just completed a call for service and were standing in the parking lot in front of the store debriefing the incident when the suspect drove his vehicle directly at them attempting to run them over. The suspect vehicle struck two of the officers, collided into a police vehicle and crashed into the QT causing extensive damage. The suspect then struggled violently with the officers for several minutes before being taken into custody. The two officers struck by the vehicle sustained serious but not life threatening injuries. The third officer was able to jump out of the way but sustained some injuries during the extended struggle with the suspect.

As a Department, we are very fortunate these officers were not killed or more seriously injured. We are living in uncertain times, and this is yet another reminder of how important it is to stay vigilant, and to watch out for one another. The actions taken by our officers in the immediate moments following this incident were nothing short of heroic. I am so proud of them and all the men and women of the Phoenix Police Department.

Please be safe,
Joe Yahner


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