Camarillo Police, Ca. Offer kids opportunity to “study with a cop”

Officers from the Camarillo Police Department’s Community Resource Unit will be available at the Camarillo Library starting August 30, 2016 to assist teens finish their high school careers.

Ventura County, Ca. Officers from the Camarillo Police Department will be helping kids in a ground breaking program to assist the teens in finishing their high school careers. Officers hope to do so much more than that though.

The hope is to also provide the teens with life skills such as healthy eating habits and how to change a tire, write a resume or fill out a job application.  Deputies and Officers will be available for youths in informal settings for educational mentorship for the teens.

This is the first of its kind program in the area according to Senior Deputy Shawn Holzberger.

According to the press release the Deputies will be available to the teens at the Library after school Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 5 P.M. The deputy will interact with the youth of our community on a more informal and educational level. Weekly guest speakers are planned to educate our youth about potential careers and how to engage in community service. The deputy will provide mentorship, educate our youth regarding life skills, and will assist with job applications and resume preparation.

This is a very unique program and the only one of its kind, not only in Ventura County, but the entire state. The collaborative efforts of the Camarillo Police Department, the City of Camarillo, and the Camarillo Library will enhance the lives of our youth and benefit many throughout Camarillo. There is no cost to the youth that want to participate and if you would like further information about this program for our youth, please contact our Community Resource Unit at 805-388-5131.

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