Frederick County, MD Sheriff’s Deputies Check Burglary Alarm at a School – end up with a pickup game

Deputies from the Frederick County MD. Sheriff’s Department recently checked an active alarm in progress, what they found were kids playing ball. They acted upon what they found!

When Deputies from the Frederick County Md. Sheriff’s Office found kids playing ball recently after responding to an active alarm they did what came natural, they took a few minutes to play ball.

Someone took photos, but to their surprise, someone passing bye also recorded it and posted it to Facebook. Both photos and the recording are below with the postings as they appeared on Facebook:

Deputies Slodki, Barrera, and Johnson responded to a local elementary school today for an alarm and found these children playing baseball in the parking lot. Instead of leaving after checking the alarm, they decided to join in on the game. They may not play for the Baltimore Orioles, but they were batting a thousand today! #Communitypolicing #FCSOProud #Weloveourcommunity


This was so great to see today. Coming through my neighborhood I noticed 3 Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, MD officers in full uniform playing some ball with a few neighborhood kids. Keep it up guys this is awesome, wish I got the names of the officers so their actions could be noticed!


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