Aspen, Co. Police Officer handles wildlife complaint with a smile

Aspen, Co. Police seem to get their fair share of animal complaints, but somehow this one caught our attention.

The Aspen Police Department in Co. Posted the following humorous story to their Facebook Page:

Sometimes we have to explain to guests to Aspen that life in the mountains is just different.

Wildlife discussions with guests can involve their stories of pigeons and rats in the city. While they are interesting, in a “isn’t that cute” kind of way, we think our wildlife stories are better. Though rats the size of German shepherds could be pretty impressive.

Take this week. On Tuesday we received a call from a resident who was seeking help getting a deer off of her roof. We had to ask a couple of questions. 1. How did a deer get on your roof? 2. When we get there, just exactly what are we supposed to do about it?

The deer had gotten himself up on the roof by jumping from a nearby berm. Fortunately, he got quickly bored with the roof and got himself down the same way so we didn’t need to try to find a wildlife-approved ladder. Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture. We’d have like to have shared that.

Then there was this fox. To our knowledge, foxes aren’t exactly known for climbing trees, or houses. But this little guy was somehow on top of the old Zupancis house at 540 Main Street (where our new police station is going to go). Maybe he just wanted a good vantage point to watch Officer Andy Atkinson.

On another note, we don’t know why it is that Andy seems to end up in a lot of our Facebook posts. Maybe we’ll just have to designate him as our official model. Please feel free to comment on this, as the teasing that will occur in the office about such a topic can make for a fun work day. For most of us.

So, we have no real explanation about the wildlife

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