Chesterfield Township Police Officer makes a special stop for a 3 year old girl

A Chesterfield Township Police Officer recently assisted a little girl who was very happy after a disappointing turn of events.

A 3 year old girl had anticipated the Ice Cream truck to come around and bring her a treat; she sat disappointed because she missed it. But a Chesterfield Township Police Officer saw her and intuitively knew what to do.

3 year old Zain Marcum had been waiting for an ice cream truck to pass by as she played outside after dinner. When she heard the familiar music of the truck she ran inside to get the change she had saved up from her jar and returned to the street the ice cream truck had already passed by.

Her hopes of having her favorite after dinner treat had been dashed and for a child that is a pretty big deal. She sat down in front of her home unhappily as the ice cream truck continued on down the road beyond her reach.

What she did not see was that it was being followed by Chesterfield Township Police Officer Matthew McPhillips who saw Zain sitting there so unhappily. He knew what had happened from the look on her face as she sat there with the money in her hand.

Officer stops ice cream truck for 3-year-old girl who missed it181
Zain and her mother Cathlene Marcum (Photo Credit: WDIV)

Officer McPhillips turned on his red lights and stopped the Ice Cream truck and asked the driver to return to Zain’s home so that the driver could serve her.

According to Zain’s mother Cathlene Marcum “The ice cream truck driver was freaked out. She thought she was getting a ticket.” But it all ended very well. Zain was able to get her ice cream – she got a screwball with bubble gum – and talked to McPhillips briefly.

“A lot of kids think cops only come when you’re bad but that’s not true, they can come and make you happy,” Cathlene said. “What he did taught her more than I could have ever told her.”

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