Kent, Oh. Police Officer brightens Special Needs childs day

Shared from Ohio Going Blue Facebook Page A Kent Police Officer saw a special needs child playing in his yard that wanted some attention. The officer was only too happy to oblidge.

Ohio Going Blue shared a message that they received in their inbox as follows:

Kent Police Department (Ohio)
“Hi, my name is Mike Rhodes and I wanted to send you this great picture of my special needs son,7 year old Gage Rhodes. With all the negative going around lately with law enforcement I thought it was awesome when this Kent Ohio police officer Rich Soika saw Gage playing in the front yard he pulled in the drive way! Gage gets excited to see police cars pass he jumps up and down and waves! With his limited speech Gage says “Gage love cops”! and Gage “hug cop”? Gage and officer Soika shared about a dozen hugs and high fives! When the officer asked Gage if he wants get in the cop car his face lit up😀 he jumped in and hit the lights and sirens! It’s little things like this that makes Gage’s rough days awesome! Thank you Kent police for all that you do for our community!”


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