Yukon, Ok. Officers respond to 3 year old autistic boy’s birthday party when no one else does

An anonymous call led Officers from the Yukon Police Department to an autistic boys home for his birthday party to surprise the family when their guest list grew shorter and shorter.

Terra Hubbard had planned a birthday party for her soon to be 3 year old son Brayden who has autism, but the guests were backing out one by one. Although she didn’t know it, someone had called the Police Department and told them that Brayden would be celebrating virtually alone. Yukon Officers would not allow that to happen.

During a shift change Officers got in their patrol vehicles and proceeded to Brayden’s home. An unexpected knock on the door initially frightened Terra until the officers told her that they were there in support of Brayden and to wish him a happy birthday.

Terra’s initial shock at finding so many officers at her door soon turned to thankfulness as they celebrated Brayden’s birthday with the family. The officers too enjoyed the time that they spent with everyone in the celebratory atmosphere knowing that they were able to make a positive difference.

News channel KFOR provided coverage after the fact and interviewed some of the Officers involved and Terra Hubbard providing the following video clip.

Since the airing of the video and coverage of what the officers had done, the Yukon Police have received many notes and messages of thanks for their efforts, but state that they are humbled and ask that others pay it forward as well claiming it was a simple act that takes just a small amount of time.

However it is the reaching out from one person to another that was so important in our society that is missing as we all know. It is Officers like the great ones in Yukon that are providing us with a shining example of how to reach out and pay it forward. What will you do today to be like the officers of the Yukon, Oklahoma Police Department?

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