Scott Co. Ky. Sheriff’s Deputy shows his moves with local kids

A Deputy on Patrol noticed local kids playing ball in the street. He stopped and showed the kids his moves as well.

Scott Coounty Ky. Sheriff’s Deputy Jaime Morales was on patrol near the Georgetown Estates Mobile Home Park when he saw two children playing in the street. He pulled over and got out of his crusier. The kids thought that they were in trouble never expecting to see what happened next.

Deputy Morales showed the kids some moves of his own after asking one of the 12 year old boys to pass him the ball. He played with the kids for a while before getting back in his cruiser and resuming his patrol.

A bystander shot video of the deputy and the boys playing ball. The Scott County Sheriff’s Office shared the video on their Facebook page, where it’s gotten thousands of views.

Sheriff Hampton encourages this type of behavior from his Deputies so that children are not frightened of his Deputies but rather are comfortable with them.



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