Maple Grove Police Officer goes above and beyond to help young victim of crime

Maple Grove Police Officer Dave Goggins helped a 14 year old young man who had lost his faith in people after he was a victim of a theft.

A young man named Paul Kochenderfer who had started his own lawn mowing operation to pay for raise money for scout camp and college was disappointed in people when part of his equipment was stolen from him. Thankfully the officer who responded to his complaint was Maple Grove Police Officer Dave Goggins.

Paul Kochenderfer explained to local news that he had secured lawn care clients away from his home and that “My grandpa loves to build things, so he built me a cart so I wouldn’t have to go back and forth [with the lawn care equipment],”

Everything was going great and his business was growing until one day he had forgotten his trimmer and left his equipment about two blocks away from home and returned to get it. When he went back to his equipment with the trimmer he realized that the cart had been stolen.

“I was confused, angry,” Paul said about the theft.

“The way he was telling his story, I could tell it [the cart] was important to him.” Officer Goggins said. “After I got off the phone with him, I started talking to the dispatcher a little bit and she said the same thing….he couldn’t believe this would happen.”

Goggins was so touched that he spent his own time and money to build Paul a new cart, and he left it at the family’s home with a card.

“I tried to drop it off on the sly, and as I was leaving they were pulling up, so that didn’t happen,” Goggins said.

“Here in the front yard was a whole new cart” Bob Kochenderfer said. “It restored my son’s faith in the goodness of people.”

“I wouldn’t have expected the outcome that it was,” said Paul’s father, Bob Kochenderfer. Moved by the gesture of Officer Goggins, Bob mentioned it to Maple Grove Chief of Police Eric Werner at a Maple Grove Rotary meeting. Later, the family wrote thank you letters.

To read the letter click here Officer Goggins letter

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