Gladstone, OR. Police Officer Shot, Suspect takes hostage, is eventually captured.

Gladstone, OR. Police Sgt. Pulled over a bicyclist who shot the officer several times then fled to a subway restaurant and took one of the employees hostage. The man was found there and captured after responding Officers shot him.

Monday August 8, 2016 Gladstone, Or. Sgt. Lee Jundt stopped Jeffrey Giddings, 45, on his bicycle near the intersection of West Gloucester Street and Risely Avenue in Gladstone at about 6:30 P.M..  Jundt was struck several times in the chest by gunfire.

At the time Giddings shot Jundt he immediately fled the scene and barricaded himself in a Subway restaurant with a hostage as one other employee and patrons of the restaurant had escaped or had been released when Giddings entered.

Sgt. Jundt suffered non-life threatening injuries due to the fact that the several shots he sustained all struck the ballistic vest that he had been wearing at the time of the incident and that is what saved his life.

Officers from multiple agencies flooded the area along with a SWAT Team who took up positions around the area to secure it. By 8:00 P.M. a S.W.A.T. officer did shoot Giddings leaving him with a non-life threatening injury. Giddings was treated at the scene by a trauma surgeon and was transported to Emanuel Hospital where he was treated for his injuries and released into Police custody.

The hostage was released unharmed, but shaken.

Giddings has been listed as an “absconded” criminal from the Federal Bureau of Prisons on August 2, 2016. He has been identified as an “armed career criminal.” with a criminal history that dates back many years including property crimes, the trafficking of narcotics and illegal weapons.

Giddings has spent most of the past 20 years in and out of prison. Records show that in 2012, a pre-sentencing report conducted by federal authorities found 23 convictions dating back to 1991.

By April 2012, Giddings accepted a plea deal and was charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was sentenced in federal court to 15 years in prison, which is what the U.S. Attorney’s Office had sought.

To get that sentence, the U.S. Attorney’s Office argued that Giddings was an “armed career criminal” based upon his felony crimes and drug trafficking offenses.

Giddings was re-sentenced after a panel of federal judges determined that Giddings did not qualify for the federal mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines proscribed under the “armed career criminal” statutes.

The government, though, in court filings, maintained that it believed Giddings did meet the qualifications and asked that he still face the 15 year prison sentence. However, a judge sentenced Giddings to 4-years, 9-months in prison in May 2016.

Jeffrey Carl Giddings, April 28, 2016 (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office)

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