Spokane Police Officer mentors youth grateful parent thanks department

A letter was written by a grateful person about an Officer from the City of Spokane Police Department who took an interest in a young boy who just needed some attention

Officer Stephen Anderson of the Spokane Police Department took a few minutes to spend with 6 year old Savante and It helped make an impression. The following was sent as a thank you to the City of Spokane Police Department:

And they responded:

We received this wonderful letter about Ofc. Stephen Anderson last week: “Dear Chief, Officer S. Anderson, #1274, responded to reported dispute between Savante, 6, and Jameson, 55, at Jameson’s house. Savante said he wanted to be a policeman when he grew up. Jameson replied that he would need to get a haircut. Dispute escalated. By the time S. Anderson responded, Savante’s mother had called him home.

Next Morning, Savante came around, knocked on Jameson’s door and the two sat on the porch swing and the dispute broke out again. Savante said he would be a good policeman and if he even caught Jameson doing something bad, he wouldn’t put him in jail. Jameson said no, he’d have to put him in jail, friend or no friend. Savante said no he wouldn’t put him in jail, and he might even give him some money to help him out.

Again Jameson called Crime Check and reported the dispute and again Officer S. Anderson arrived on the scene. He and Savante chatted for a few minutes. He told Savante, yes, you’ll probably have to get a haircut if you ever become a policeman. But don’t worry about that. He asked Savante if he’s doing well in school and Savante said he doesn’t like school all that much. He likes girls but sometimes he has problems with girls. Officer Anderson advised him to take care of his schoolwork first, worry about girls later. You have plenty of time down the road to deal with girls, Officer Anderson said.

I asked Savante if he wanted to show Officer Anderson how well he threw the football. Savante said yes and we tossed the football back and forth on the street. Officer Anderson observed Savante that he threw a ‘tight spiral’ and if he became a professional football player, he’d get paid a lot more money and he wouldn’t have to get a haircut. Savante said, I want a picture. Savante and Officer Anderson shook hands and Savante’s mother thanked Officer Anderson for paying the neighborhood a visit.

God Bless You and every police-man and woman in the Spokane Police Department.”

Thank you so much Jameson! And good luck to you Savante, hope to see you in the academy in a few years!!




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