St. Louis, MO. Metropolitan Police Launch Operation “Polar Cops” – pretty cool

St. Louis, Mo. Police are protecting and serving in a variety of flavors around the metropolitan area in an ice cream truck!

On July 26, 2016 The St. Louis Police Foundation made a purchase of an ice cream truck that is being used by Officers to deliver ice cream around the metropolitan area to citizens free of charge.

The truck is staffed by Department personnel and will be made available at various events at parks, community centers and schools according to Police Chief Sam Dotson.

Operation Polar Cops was designed and is stocked by local enterprises making the cost to the taxpayers virtually null at the onset. What it does do is make Officers more visible and puts them in a better position to meet young people in a friendly atmosphere rather than an authoritarian one.

Chief Dotson stated: “The goal of this project is simple. It’s about introducing our officers as positive role models in a fun environment.”

Several posts have been made about the project on the Departments Facebook page including:

Today we will unveil Operation Polar Cops! Free ice cream & treats coming to a neighborhood near YOU! Our new ice cream truck was purchased by the St. Louis Police Foundation and designed at no cost by Switch. Ice cream donated by Prairie Farms Dairy & Schnucks‪#‎STLPolarCops‬

And the Official News release:

Sgt. Davis Takes five from serving Ice cream to play catch with a local youth.

The community has had mixed reactions from very positive comments to the hecklers here are some comments:

“Feel free to conduct a test-run by stopping at America’s Center – the staff here would be very happy to give it a try!”

“Cool idea for this summer heat!”

“How awesome is this?”

“Something positive!”

“This is powerful!”

“Lancaster and Rutledge need one of these!”

“Great idea…Cops out in the Community giving away Ice Cream to everyone and starting a dialogue. Nice of the guys to donate their time too….bravo”

“This is so cool. Such a great idea. About to see this in person. Parked in front of Police Headquarters at this time.”

“Pro: positive community police activity Con: non-Union store donating some of the goods. Pro: looking beyond smaller issues to a solid step in the right direction “

“Shut everyone up with ice cream. Smh lmao”

“Not sure how I feel about this, but I have always been one for puns”

“Good PR move. You know an even better one? Stop shooting unarmed people”



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