Police Shootings and protest, the myths vs reality how this ends

We have seen endless media about protests regarding police shootings, police brutality, ‘militarized police’ and Black Lives Matters who claim to want to end the violence. But how will this end?

In the past 7 years America has become more divided by the day. Media has fawned over every word that divisive politicians running our country have had to say and people looking to capitalize for personal gain have repeated it regardless of the consequences.

What has this achieved and what is the end game?

In a NY Times Poll it was found that race relations have declined some 40% since President Obama has taken office from nearly 60% down to almost 20%.

The Black Lives Matter group was born out of Ferguson, Mo. using the shooting of Michael Brown as a catalyst for their movement. However it was shown that Michael Brown was the aggressor in the situation and that Officer Darren Wilson was justified in the shooting after Brown who was Wilsons physical superior attempted to take Willsons weapon and kill him with it.

It didn’t matter. Hands up don’t shoot was a media sensation anchors from television news, sports celebrities, media moguls, TV and movie stars jumped on the band wagon of Political Correctness to throw their hands up in the air.

Black Lives Matters rolled on down the streets of Minnesota chanting “Pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon” as Officers dutifully protected their right to free speech. Is this peaceful or done to outrage? Of course Black Lives Matters stated that they had nothing to do with this.

It empowers militants across the boards. Fast forward to 2016, 5 Dallas Police officers are murdered; several are shot as others clamor to protect Black Lives Matters protesters! Within 24 hours an officer in Bristol, TN. Was shot motivated by the shooting in Dallas. An officer from Ballwin, Mo. Was also ambushed from behind leaving him on a ventilator and crippled from the neck down. A third officer from Valdosta, GA. was shot responding to help a person at a property damage call, set up by the caller to be shot and murdered. On July 17, in Baton Rouge, La. 3 more officers were killed several were injured one left clinging to life on a ventilator.

What has the Black Lives Matter movement  accomplished this year? Shooting deaths of Police Officers are up 78% this year according to statistics obtained by ODMP.org.

It didn’t matter that nearly every icon Black Lives Matters places in the forefront of their movement that has lost their life was resisting arrest, attempting to fight with Police officers doing their job. No, the argument is that they were “unarmed” and that protesters ‘saw the video’.

They argue that the Police have too many weapons or are improperly trained, are not trained enough. That the Police are militarized. That the Police did not use the right weapon. Why didn’t the Police taze him instead of shoot him?

When they have a discussion with anyone on television regarding these incidents, what we hear is catch phrases such as “white privilege” or “race murders” they argue that “yes all lives matter but we are now talking about Black Lives Matter” in an attempt to silence any rational discussion and to shut down cognitive thought.

Rational opposition by blacks who simply state that the Black Lives Matter movement is not actually helping anything are called Uncle Toms, traitors and are met with vile and reprehensible dialog not fit to repeat. They are threatened constantly and people attempt to shut them down in every manor you can think of so that their bonafide message cannot get out.


The message is we are all ONE RACE.

What do Officers need?

As we saw in San Bernardino, Ca. on December 2, 2015 when terrorists attacked the Inland Regional Center where 14 people were killed and 22 were seriously injured Officers saved countless lives through the use of Military weapons, vehicles and armor that they had in their immediate possession and had trained with for years.

That sensationalized story made national headlines as did the Orlando shooting spree where on June 12, 2016 a terrorist killed 49 people and wounded 53 others at the Pulse Night Club. The media and social media were unnecessarily harsh on the Police response not fully understanding the implications of what the shooter had stated to Police that he had an explosive device in the building and that he would detonate it should the Police move in to free the hostages. However Officers did eventually use their military gear effectively in conjunction with their training to remove people from the club and end the nightmare.

In Dallas, Tx. The murderous rampage that ended when Officers used a robotic device and explosives for the first time ever in American law Enforcement history saved countless lives after the 5 Dallas Officers were ruthlessly murdered and others were injured while thanklessly protecting protesters.

The list goes on and on in untold daily activities around the country where Officers use military gear and have been for years on raids and events to neutralize suspects that would vastly outgun street officers who would be dead without this gear and training otherwise.

This gear was implemented and necessary since the Norco, Ca. Bank Robbery shootout where five armed robbery suspects outgunned officers in May 9, 1980. Two of the five perpetrators and one sheriff’s deputy were killed, 9 other law enforcement officers were injured, and gunfire damaged at least 30 police cars and one police helicopter.

It didn’t get any better and showed how vastly outgunned Officers really were by February 28, 1997 in North Hollywood in what was to be known as the “Battle of North Hollywood”. Both perpetrators were killed, eleven police officers and seven civilians were injured, and numerous vehicles and other property were damaged or destroyed by the approximately 1,750 rounds of ammunition fired by the robbers and police.

Officers were desperate for weapons that could even penetrate the body armor that the suspects were wearing. Suspects had officers pinned down during the confrontation and were literally tearing up vehicles that Officers were hiding behind for cover with their weapons.

Even the SWAT Teams at the time did not have any vehicles to combat the armed robbery suspects and were forced to commandeer vehicles to use to rescue officers that were down.

Without any doubt in our society Police Officers need the best weaponry, vehicles, tactical gear and the ability to train with it that money can buy.

What is the real problem?

Is the real problem that we have racist officers arbitrarily killing black people because they are racist? The answer is unequivocally no. If anyone has a right to complain it would be other races, but they don’t. “12 percent of white and Hispanic homicide deaths were due to police officers, while only four percent of black homicide deaths were the result of police officers.”

The real problem is that Police Officers should be afraid of Black Lives Matters protesters and what they are doing. Because what they are doing is clearly stirring up resentment toward police in a culture where a police officer is already “18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.”

On July 12, 2016 it was reported that March Eugene Ratney who was wearing a “Black Lives Matters” tee shirt, just out on parole for a conviction as a serious violent felon with a weapon, went to a Police officers home and fired 17 shots fired from a 9mm handgun into his house, fence and patrol car. The black man urinated in the interview room and told Police he hated them. Naturally Black Lives Matters stated he was not part of the movement and President Obama blames the gun.

Black Lives Matters and their supporters are not helping anything by their approach, they are stirring anger, resentment and in the end not making things better but worse.

While Officers have done their best to reach out and hold BBQ’s as was done in Wichita, some protesters remain angry and would rather make remarks that are fraught with malice such as “I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them.” Yet, if they had been regarded as such, their response would have been to burn, riot or assault people over such remarks.

Is Demilitarizing Police the Answer?

Some politicians and Black Lives matters supporters demand Police demilitarize but they go further than that. Recently one Black Lives Matter supporter from Chicago stated that the Police should be banned all together. That they would “figure it out” when I t came to handling crime in Chicago themselves.

Is this really what we want to see? As it has been shown time and time again, most of these icons of Black Lives Matter have ben criminals resisting arrest to begin with. Most recently there was a shooting in Watts by Officers in a running gun battle with offenders. The mother of one of the persons shot stated her son had his “hands up and was just running from Police”. Yet she was not on the scene, an officer was shot and a gun was recovered at the scene. Furthermore the area that the shooting took place in is known to be “Bounty Hunter Bloods” gang territory.

Bounty Hunter Bloods la watts

The answer is simple, Police officers enforce laws. They do not write them. They arrest people plain and simple. When someone resists that arrest or decides that they have the right to argue with that officer on the street because they think the officer is wrong or being ‘racist’ on the street there is going to be a problem and it WILL escalate. It does not matter what color you are, I GUARENTEE IT.

If you comply with the Police Officer and do what is asked of you. Remain calm, quiet and respectful you will be treated in kind. Show no threat and as soon as the officer is comfortable that you are not a threat the officer will process you through the system that must be done according to their department policy and laws of your state.

It is time not to dismantle the Police but to dismantle people who are trying to separate us as one race, the human race. Police officers are of all nationalities and races and their only purpose is to protect and serve the people of their communities. The people who are trying to separate us are the REAL racists and it is time we ended this.

We did not go through our history to begin segregation all over again in anyway no matter who thinks it is right. Eventually it will result in backlash and it will get ugly. Will it stop with the Police? Doubtful, it was shown in Philadelphia at the DNC rally where white people were ordered to get to the back of the line at the DNC convention. It does not show anything except extreme racism and how far we have sunk as a nation.

We are Of “One Blood – One Race: Human” Dr. Alveda King



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