Indianapolis police officer shot, second officer wounded, suspect killed

IMPD Officers stopped a vehicle in conjunction with being suspects of being involved with being armed robbery suspects. 2 officers were injured one being shot, one suspect was killed.

At about 6:45 P.M. on Monday evening a stop was attempted of a vehicle that was believed to be occupied by an armed robbery suspect by officers who called for backup as the stop was attempted.

Officers were attacked by the suspect during the attempt of the stop. A female occupant exited the vehicle and the vehicle took off on officers. Officers perused the vehicle through the city as the suspect shot at Officers who restrained themselves and did not return fire on him.

Many officers became involved in the chase of the suspect that went on for an extended period of time. Approximately 20 officers were involved in attempting to stop and apprehend the suspect. When the officers finally stopped the vehicle a gunfight ensued and the suspect was killed. The chase ended on the east side in the 2700 block of Newton Avenue, near the intersection with Rural Street.

One officer was stuck by gunfire and one officer was hit with debris from the gunfire. Both officers are believed to make a full recovery.

The suspect killed in the shootout has been identified as Jeff Tyson of Indianapolis.

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