On Interstate 5 in Los Angeles Disturbing Graffiti Fuels More Hate toward Police

In the wake of Media blitzes against Police attempting to enrage the public more people are beginning to target Officers and encourage others to do so.

On Interstate 5 in Los Angeles a major thoroughfare near Van Nuys CA. more hate filled graffiti has been found encouraging the murder of officers. Spurred by media looking to cash in on an illegitimate, but powerful rhetoric of racist police attacking the black community that has taken on a life of its own.

While the numbers of Police Officers shooting blacks is far less than whites being shot by officers and black on black crime is ignored completely by media. Headlines can be found daily running stories of an officer shooting a black person continuously.

Most often, officers are immediately placed on suspension while investigations are conducted. Film often exists and is viewed frame by frame. Internal investigations are by nature conducted under very strict confidentiality where investigators are silent about the investigation. This is to preserve the integrity of the investigation itself. Not to hide anything.

Their findings are then sent to command staff and to the local prosecutor who normally presents their own findings to grand juries for a jury to examine all the evidence and determine if the officer committed any crime or acted within the law.

The Federal Department of Justice also normally runs an investigation separate from the department to investigate the officers actions. They too may charge criminally.  Their investigation too, runs quietly and is not made public. They too send their findings on to a federal prosecutor who may or may not move to indict on federal charges.

Meanwhile the court of public opinion fueled by social media, the news cycles and keyboard warriors make their own determinations based upon grainy videos that show little of facts. Often videos that these people are shown start part way into an event and do not show what actually lead up to the event that completely justified an officers action.

At the end of this cycle, when officers are exonerated and found completely justified, the public such as BLM believe that the officer is guilty. That they know better than the trained investigators who have thoroughly poured over the true evidence of the event.

Other agitators watch a few minutes of television, read a headline and see something like “Another unarmed black man shot by police via SouthTexasNews “   As if this is a daily occurrence or that a person who was actually armed recently was unarmed when he was shot. Media is reporting that several people who were either armed (yet not holding the weapon at the time) or reaching for weapons, attempting to take officers weapons from them are actually “unarmed”.

NOTHING could be further from the truth. What is true is that the Police Officer just happened to be better trained than the person who was either armed and attempting to draw and shoot the officer or the officer shot the person in self-defense when his weapon was being taken from them by a physically superior person in most cases.

We have Police Forces that are now short staffed, greatly outnumbered by people who refuse to follow direction. People often believe that they have the same rights as Officers and that Officers are “out to get them” that they need to fight back on the street.

This is the mindset that is causing the problems.

If people complied with Officers to begin with then Officers would not have to become more forceful in their demeanor.

Simple requests such as giving an Officer your name, date of birth and address are not a request that should be met with “I ain’t got to tell you nothing!” or far more abusive language.

Treat Officers with disrespect or hostility when they have a job to do, and you will meet with greater resistance and in the end you will lose. The situation will escalate and the conditions will win. But the media will have something to talk about.

If you want respect, give respect. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Present yourself as a gentleman, or gentle woman and you will be surprised how nicely you will be treated in return.

Simple respect that people want to be given is a two way street and the writing on the street should not be sprayed with the graffiti “kill more cops”








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