Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Police Officer injured intentionally by vehicle operator ramming Police cars

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Police Department reported that the operator a vehicle entered the Police Department Parking Lot and started hitting vehicles. It them later went onto the roadway and hit a Police car.

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio a Police Officer was seriously injured when a driver of a vehicle intentionally targeted Police cars smashing into them with his own vehicle at about 11:20 A.M. Saturday.

According to The Police Department the Suspect vehicle entered the Police Departments parking area and began striking vehicles striking them and doing damage to them. Three Police cars were damaged before the vehicle left the parking area.

Officers pursued the suspects’ vehicle and during the chase the suspect crossed the roadway intentionally and targeted another officer who was attempting to assist and join in the stop of the vehicle. The suspect rammed the Officers vehicle seriously injuring the Officer.

The Officer was taken to a local area hospital where he is still being treated or his injuries. The suspect also received injuries during his criminal tirade.

The Cuyahoga Falls Police Department Posted the following news releases:

Last night a vehicle entered the police department parking lot and crashed into several vehicles. The vehicle later was involved in a crash on Broad Blvd with a police vehicle. The officer was taken to an area hospital where he was admitted. The incident is still under investigation. We ask that the public keep the officers family in their thoughts as he recovers and respects their privacy Thank you for all your concerns and we will update more as facts are verified through the investigation.


Updated information. The officer involved in the crash Saturday morning is Ptl. Ted Davis a 11 year veteran of the force. He currently is still hospitalized . We will continue to work with and respect his families wishes on information regarding his condition. The family and our department is grateful for all the concerns and well wishes from the community.


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