NYPD 2 Officers shot at 4 suspects remain at large.

While the NYPD Sgt’s Union has reason to believe that Officers were shot at, Officials of the NYPD have stated that they believe the two Officers were not the intended targets of a drive by shooting.

N.Y.N.Y., Flatbush 70th Pct. At about 10:40 P.M. while 2 Officers were on foot patrol radioed in that shots had been fired at them from a vehicle that then sped away.

The shooting happened on Ditmas Avenue and East 23rd Street. The NYPD said two officers in uniform were walking their post when a dark-colored Nissan sedan with tinted windows, occupied by four black males slowly approached them and made a statement about “getting them” before firing away at the cops.

Neither officer were hurt, one officer was a male and one female.

Streets surrounding the scene were still closed early Wednesday morning as investigators collected evidence.

Also police said that around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday during another incident a man drove by the 66th precinct and was seen making a hand gesture at officers as if he were firing a gun. That event is part of the investigation, although police are unsure if the two events or people are related.

The Vehicle that was used in the drive by shooting in the 70th Pct. was found abandoned.

A message from the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association read as follows:

Edit 7/20/16 8:45 am: Although the media is reporting the police were not the intended targets, we have strong information and reason to believe that they were. We are confirming all information posted here and truly hope that our posting is inaccurate.

Dear Fellow Sergeant

Tonight in the confines of the 70th precinct at the corner of Ditmas avenue and E 23rd street. Two NYPD officers in uniform were walking their patrol post when a dark colored sedan with tinted windows slowly approached them made a statement about getting them and proceeded to fire shots at the officers. The vehicle was occupied by (4) four male blacks, fled the scene and was subsequently dumped in the confines of the 67th precinct. Perps are still not apprehended.

Please remain alert at all times. The SBA will utilize every resource to defend your action. Your safety and the safety of your officers is paramount.

Stay safe
Ed Mullins


NYPD 70 Pct. officers at scene of drive by shooing 07/19/2016 (photo Credit @MajorNews911)

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